It’s here: the 2013 NHL CBA!

2013 NHL CBA (NHL/NHLPA Collective Bargaining Agreement PDF)

I am perversely excited to dive into this massive document, which is officially titled “Collective Bargaining Agreement between National Hockey League and National Hockey League Players’ Association, September 16, 2012 – September 15, 2022.”

  • m_and_m

    Just the man I wanted to ask … is a compliance buyout possible for Willy Mitchell if he isn’t a go for next season? Ie., is a compliance buyout legal for an injured player?

    • Quisp

      I can’t find anything in the new doc preventing a compliance buy-out for a player on Injured Reserve, You can’t loan or waive such a player. However, if Mitchell isn’t going to play next season, there’s no reason to buy him out, because the Kings would get full value cap relief to replace him. It’s not that his cap hit comes off the books, but that the team’s ceiling is temporarily raised up to the amount of the player’s cap hit. So, in effect, his cap hit really does come off the books. The potentially troublesome catch is, if the player is suddenly declared healthy, then he must come off IR and the team loses the cap relief. But if Mitchell is essentially retired, as he seems to be…well, Lombardi would be able to gauge that pretty accurately, I think.

      The other issue is insurance. If he’s injured, the insurance foots the bill. If the Kings buy him out, they have to pay.

      • m_and_m

        Very enlightening, thanks

      • DougS

        If Dean thought that Willie would be fit to play next season, I don’t think he would have made it such a priority to extend Regher. :-(

        • DougS

          Jon Rosen just posted raw audio of today’s press conference call with Lombardi. It sounds like he hasn’t given up on Mitchell, but he’s hoping against hope.

      • Quisp

        I should clarify: I haven’t found where in the CBA it says you can’t buy-out an injured player, but I’m still looking, because everyone basically says you aren’t allowed to buy-out injured players (thus, your question, and my looking up the answer).

        I still think the over-riding point is that if Mitchell is hurt it doesn’t cost the Kings against the cap and insurance will pay Mitchell. Compliance buy-out gets him off the cap books, but they still have to pay actual money.

  • Throwdeuce

    While I don’t want to think about who the Kings could/should buy out yet, I was thinking Mitchell would be the top choice but the way you say how the CBA is worded Quisp, I don’t think he should be now.

    • Bob Knob

      Don’t think he can if he’s injured.

  • Token

    So based on the new CBA, how many of our kids going off ELC are arbitration eligible? We got quite a few.

    Also saw we didn’t sign Gibson or Schumacher. Do they go draft again or UFA?

    • Bob Knob

      I’m fairly certain they can enter the draft again. I’m pretty sure this is what I read from someone (Corey Pronman? The Mayor?) on twitter.

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