Former Kings Stumpel, Norstrom, Murray, victims of massive fraud scheme

Scammed ex-NHL star fighting back

[...] Bryan Berard [...] former [...] No. 1 draft pick, [is attempting] to recover the millions he invested with an unlicensed financial investor who bills himself as a “lifestyle coach”[,] and a convicted cocaine dealer who reinvented himself as a race car driver.

[...] Berard is [...] trying to unravel bank transfers and payments [...] that may have extracted up to $100 million from Berard and other investors, among them more than a dozen current and former NHL players.

The latest discoveries come four years after the Daily News began reporting on what is believed to be one of the most extensive frauds ever perpetrated on professional athletes. [...] “Many of the players are either broke or don’t want to spend any more money on legal fees or time trying to figure out where the money is and how it was taken, which is unfortunate but understandable,” says Berard [...].

The other players affected include former Islander Michael Peca, former Ranger Mattias Norstrom, Jere Lehtinen of the Dallas Stars and NHL journeymen Glen Murray and Jozef Stumpel. One of the bigger investors was five-time All Star and Stanley Cup winner Sergei Gonchar of the Dallas Stars. “Some of the players still don’t even realize their money is gone,” Berard says. “But nothing is going to stop me from continuing to get the documentation and information showing these two guys that they just can’t take my money and get away with it. This was my retirement money, my nest egg.”


  • Choralone

    Jeeze, that’s terrible. It reminds me of the Madoff thing. It seems people rely on their network – whether it’s their church, their industry pals or their former teammates – when finding a place for their investments, rather than doing the homework themselves

    Yes, you pay fees, and they don’t promise extravagant returns, but you’re better off putting your money in less sexy investments with mainstream firms. You’ve already earned your “nest egg” – don’t swing for the fences. Just keep it safe and make enough to keep up with inflation.

    • Bob Knob

      “You’ve already earned your ‘nest egg’ – don’t swing for the fences. Just keep it safe and make enough to keep up with inflation.”

      Right? Dumb dumb dumb.

  • m_and_m

    Almost as bad is Murray and Stumpel being characterized as “journeymen”.

  • Isaak Koenka

    I’m glad Jere Kharalati and Brian Smolinski missed the inside track on this one.