Dan Quayle, Kings Assistant GM?

First, Daniel Carcillo. Now, this rumor that Rob Blake will be replacing Ron Hextall as Asst. GM. It’s a two-for-Tuesday of Superdickery. Maybe this is Lombardi’s way of protecting himself, by hiring someone no one on Earth would ever think is ready to be an actual GM. Hextall could have replaced Lombardi if Lombardi ever found himself on the hot seat. But Rob Blake? It’s the Dan Quayle Strategy (the story that Bush 41 made Quayle his V.P. to protect himself against impeachment). Yes, I prefer to think this is what’s going on. Not, you know, that Rob Blake is a good idea or that Lombardi thinks it’s a good idea. (And, yes, I fully acknowledge that Rob Blake may actually be a good GM or sidekick or whatever — I have no clue, really. I just have a long memory and enjoy a good grudge.)

And I’ve also decided that Dan Carcillo will never play a game for the Kings. That’s probably the condition. “We’ll give you a 5th in two years if I don’t bury him in the minors forever.” He’s just here long enough to scare Clifford and/or Nolan and/or Lewis into signing for cheap. Then he can go hurt people in the AHL.

Such is the state of my delusion on a Tuesday night in the off-season.


  2 comments for “Dan Quayle, Kings Assistant GM?

  1. Matt George
    July 17, 2013 at 7:43 AM

    Pretty sure Joe Biden could fit in that description perfectly as well but I get your point nonetheless

  2. Matt George
    July 17, 2013 at 8:25 AM

    also … my bitterness for Blake’s second stint with the Kings is still simmering. I hated watching him phone it in night after night only to watch him bolt for the Sharks and actually start playing the way he should have with the Kings. Douche.

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