5 Kings (and 3 Ex-Kings) among ESPN’s Top 100 Forwards

Anze Kopitar, Dustin Brown, Justin Williams, Jeff Carter, Mike Richards (Matt Moulson, Wayne Simmonds, Teddy Purcell). No Mike Cammalleri?

  • Nut

    Weird that they have Sven Baertschi listed

  • Samsa

    Wow, no Bobby Ryan.

    • Bob Knob

      And they have Kovalchuk in there.

  • Bob Knob

    Kopi is still underrated, even after winning a cup.

    • http://web.me.com/kakitadoug/geekblog/Blog/Blog.html DougS

      Yeah, way underrated. But at least he outranks Baldy the Duck.

  • http://web.me.com/kakitadoug/geekblog/Blog/Blog.html DougS

    Is it just me, or do Eastern Conference forwards dominate the top of the list while the Western Conference guys dominate the bottom half? As if: “Oh yeah, we have to put Crosby and Malkin in the top 10! And Ovechkin! And Tavares is pretty good! And Stamkos!” And then they became vaguely aware that there are supposed to be these good forwards in the West, so they just got lumped into the lower part of the list.

  • USHA#17

    95 & 96 Ted Purcell – Brad Richards. Must be feeling pretty good about that

  • levantor

    ESPN rating anything that has to do with ice hockey is like asking a blind man to describe a rainbow.