Honest question: when’s the last time that happened?

The Kings gave up five unanswered goals in game one. Then they gave up seven unanswered goals in game two. I was going to ask when was the last time this happened to the Kings in the playoffs? But then I couldn’t think of it ever happening in the regular season either. But then I couldn’t think of it ever happening to any team, ever. Is this a first?

It’s certainly a new low.

I don’t ask for much. I don’t expect or demand that the Kings go deep in the playoffs. It would be awesome, but the playoffs are not easy. I don’t expect that the Kings are going to win every game. I wouldn’t even be angry, necessarily, if the Kings lost in the first round.

But I do expect the games to be close. I expect the team to show up. I expect, even in a sweep, for the individual games to be contested in some observable way. There’s a difference between being swept in a series in which you lose every game in OT, and being swept in a series where you appear to not even belong in the same building as the other team.

If you’re good enough to make the playoffs, you’re good enough to actually show up and play the games. I’ll bet you some Kings fans shelled out big bucks to go to those two games.

  • Steve Larson

    That’s my biggest issue with this as well … There is no “observable” heart/pride in these first two games.

  • Kings of Hockeywood

    On Dec. 29, 1992 the Kings scored the first 2 against Philly, then gave up ten unanswered and lost 10-2.

    • http://www.mcsorleys-stick.com/ Quisp

      Yes, now find a second game where they did it two games in a row. That’s what I meant to say. Has anyone ever given up five or more unanswered goals in two consecutive games? In the NHL. I’ve seen it happen in Squirts.

      Five unanswered goals once, happens a handful of times every year, I’m guessing (in the entire league, I mean). But to one team, in consecutive games? In the playoffs?

      LIsten, if these were children, we would be saying, “okay, the other team is just better. At least our kids hung in there for a period.” But if our kids had already beaten this same team earlier in the season, what would we be saying then?

      It’s mental. Who’s in charge of mental? Leadership. Veterans. Captains. Coaches.

      • OneTimer

        Five unanswered – twice, back-to-back.

        You know it just dawned on me… that how for the past 2+ years (maybe 3?), our Los Angeles Kings had performed at such a relatively overall good clip, that they hadn’t provided me with any of those old familiar “(facepalm)…. that could ONLY happen to my Kings.” moments. I haven’t missed those moments.
        Win game 3, and then let’s see what happens. I’m still All In.

  • ToughD

    I’d definitely be concerned losing the first two…but to lose it in the fashion we did? Yeah, I’m as worried as I’ve ever been. I’m hoping we can still come back, but don’t expect us to blow them out here at home…every incoming team plays good road games against us every home game. I’m worried we have some banged up dmen (Regehr?) based on coach’s quotes. I’m worried we are securely locked into also-ran status.

  • Token

    Too much of “park and move on” attitude. If I was one of the players giving interviews, i’d be at least moderately pissed. Green used to do that back in the day when he mattered.