You know who has been worse than the Kings this post-season?

Nobody. Every other of the eight series has been interesting and exciting. Even Tampa Bay, who are playing golf now, played several close games against a much better team. The Kings/Sharks series, though, has been virtually unwatchable. Two historic blow-outs, the likes of which (consecutive playoff games allowing 5 or more unanswered goals) I’m starting to think we may never have seen in our lifetimes. Followed by an OT loss in which three of the four goals-against were such flukey knuckleballs that the announcer couldn’t even tell you where the puck was, much less that it was a goal — until the ref started pointing. “Oh, hey, it must be in the net.”

How is it that the league’s supposedly best defense has allowed 6, 7 and 4 goals against in three games? That’s a rhetorical question. But this isn’t: who is Dean Lombardi going to make pay for it?

  • USHA#17

    Peter Demers must pay.

    • USHA#17

      Looks like Demers gets a refund!

  • Token

    If Lombardi realizes that his vision of keeping a virtually intact roster was not so good, which has been not so good …

    Kings got stale while everyone else freshened up. The guys that were supposed to get better haven’t, the guys that used to rock got a bit worse, and the fresh kids are not given a chance to grow during the regular season.

    The only good development out of all this is that Sutter has realized that defencemen need to be mobile in today’s NHL. Too bad he has 3 tree trunks on the roster.

    Look for some old guys not returning.

  • JZarris

    Update, update!

    • Quisp

      Er. Never mind?