The Ducks have been the better team, they’ve owned the Kings all year, they’ve got home ice, they’re playing great…

…they’re doomed. Doomed. Kings in 5.

  • JZarris

    Yup, which is why I bought my tickets for that exact game.

    Hope all is well with you and yours, Quisp, you should make a guest appearance over at JFTC this round…special occasion and all.

  • DougS

    I definitely did not want the Sharks first, as I thought the Ducks would be the weaker opponent. I actually saw Ducks-Stars Game 2 in person — a friend got comps and roped me in, I certainly wouldn’t have paid to go. Ducks did not look impressive, and were even booed at one point by the home crowd. Minus one goofball mistake on the PP by Dallas that led to the shorthanded winning goal, it was going to overtime and not clear at all that the Ducks would have won if it did.