Ducks Continue Quest to Be Most Hated Team in History

First Ryan Kesler. Now Dany Heatley. Adding to the charm fest of Corey Perry and Ryan Getzlaf. And consider that the Ducks subtracted George Parros and Bobby Ryan, both of whom were cool in their own ways. And Teemu Selanne — cool emeritus — is retired. Who else could the Ducks go after in pursuit of being the most hate-able team ever?

  • JZarris

    Hmmm, great topic. Carcillo’s a free agent, right? Maybe talk Avery out of retirement? And didn’t the Wings let Bertuzzi go?

    • DougS

      That’s exactly what I was thinking: “It’s not like Sean Avery has anything better to do these days.”

  • USHA#17

    Alex “Mike Tyson” Burrows.or Cannibal (Mikhail) Grabovski…either could teach Perry a new wrinkle.

  • OneTimer

    Dustin Brown?
    (Yes- I’m 100% kidding. And because no- none of us on here are Sharks, Blues or Coyotes fans.)

  • bob knob

    Shane Doan would put them over the top