Cammalleri Girlfriend

This page is the repository for the strange but popular web-search queries that result in traffic for this site or previous blogs of mine, the most popular of which is, and has always been, Cammalleri girlfriend. 

(If you’re here because you are wondering if he has a girlfriend, the answer is: yes, and a new-born daughter.)

  • Cammalleri girlfriend
  • dirty hip check
  • cap’n crunch problem
  • Ryan Smyth weenie
  • list of politically unstable small country dependent on on export
  • mcsorelry’s stick
  • kesler dive
  • planos de fundo
  • dustin penner moustache
  • jonathan bernier girlfiend
  • evamendez
  • fundo colorido
  • kings suck (also sucked, sucks, why suck, most suck…)
  • fat broads
  • clowe cheater
  • alisha parise
  • quick jokes
  • bernie miklasz sucks
  • did marty mcsolrey ever won a stanley cup?
  • negativity towards la kings
  • bettman appears ill
  • gary bettman is a failure
  • murray craven greatest hockey legends
  • bernier trade runots
  • doughty girlfriend¬†accuser
  • history news greyhound bus
  • the last pennant before armageddon
  • brayden schenn fan fiction
  • what did cam jansen say
  • are la kings fans douche
  • synchronized swimming faces are terrifyingly hilarious
  • fond d’ecrain hd windows 8
  • we get our butts kicked game
  • hockey lockerroon cancer
  • the hysteria information

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