Your 1993 Los Angeles Kings

Here is the line-up for the last (and only other) Kings team to play in the conference finals. It’s fun to stare at. How many of the Kings current players were out of diapers in 1993?

The Kings have never…

…swept a seven game playoff series.

…won a seven game series in five games (until this year).

…won the first three games of two consecutive series (until now).

…won the first three games of any seven game series before this year. (They have only won the first two games in a series twice, before this year: 1968 and 1976.)

…had a 7-1 record after eight playoff games (until now). They were 5-3 to start 2001, 1993, 1991,and 1976; 4-4 to start 1990, 1989, 1982, 1977 and 1969.

Ken Hitchcock on Parity; Me on old arenas

From Pierre LeBrun: Competitive balance has taken the National Hockey League to new heights – ESPN “To me, there’s nine teams in each conference that are so close that I think that’s why you see these lower seeds going like hell right now,” Hitchcock said. “I honestly believe they think they can win the Cup.…

Last time the Kings had a 2-0 lead in a series was

1968 (WTF, I previously said “never” — see comments for more on my reading comprehension problems). The Kings’ first season. They beat the North Stars twice, and proceeded to lose in seven games. Okay-okay, if you count those rinky-dink best-of-three series from the 70s, the Kings swept the Atlanta Flames in 1976. But those don’t…

The last time the Kings won Game One?

In 1993, the Stanley Cup Finals, the Kings won game one in Montreal. UPDATE: Except I’m wrong. It was round two in 2001, against Colorado. Dammit, Modry.  I guess I’ll try to save face by pointing out that the last time the Kings won game one of an opening round series was 1993, against Calgary.…

From letsgosharks: The Poppy Pin

You may have noticed Sharks head coach Todd McLellan and his staff adorning a certain accessory behind the bench on Saturday night, and again last night when the Sharks squared off against the Nashville Predators. It was a simple red flower, hung neatly on each coach’s left lapel. The red poppy, or replica of the…