Gary Bettman is either (a) incompetent or (b) evil

Choice A: Why the NHL needs to rid themselves of Gary Bettman – Grantland The case against Bettman in one sentence: The NHL sacrificed an entire season so they could reimagine their entire salary structure … and only seven years later, that “reimagining” went so poorly that they might have to sacrifice a second season…

Yes, the NHL is a banana republic

If you ask for remedies to fix a broken economy, and get everything you want (2004), and then revenues explode to historic levels of more than $3 billion, and you say YOUR ECONOMY IS STILL BROKEN, then — well — YOU SUCK AT YOUR JOB. Or you’re a thief (see kleptocracy, below).

[POLL] Biased take on Roenick vs. Marleau

Well, Jeremy Roenick is an ex-King, so I am biased. In favor of Marleau. Marleau: “Just because I don’t jump up and down acting like a buffoon on the ice doesn’t mean I’m not into it” | ProHockeyTalk On Tuesday, the Sharks forward responded to critiques in Roenick’s new book by saying allegations of him…

Which players got screwed the most by the two lock-outs?

The 2004-2005 lock-out took a year out of the careers of a generation of players. Now, the 2012-13 lock-out is robbing a second group, and it’s doing it to some people for the second time. Some players — Mike Cammalleri, Dustin Brown, come to mind — may even have benefitted from playing an entire season…

Shorter Darren Dreger vs. Allan Walsh

DREGER: NHL makes major concession to players! Be optimistic!

WALSH: Maybe it would be better to wait for the details. Be pessimistic!

DREGER: Details, shmeetails! This is breaking news!

WALSH: It’s not news. It’s propaganda.

DREGER: What’s the difference?

February 2, 1993: Gary Bettman’s first day on the job

Bettman’s legacy of expansion into non-traditional markets is responsible for the current lock-out. Without the political support of those same franchises — one of which is owned by the NHL — we would be watching NHL hockey now.

Shorter me: the Bettman experiment has blown up in his face. And this is what that looks like.

Is the Winter Classic cancelled, or canceled?

In the United States, it’s canceled. In Great Britain — and I assume in Canada — it’s cancelled. Similarly, in the U.S., we are worried about the cancelation of the entire season. In Canada, they are worried about cancellation.  This should not be one of those “both are correct” situations. The Associated Press manual says it’s one L here, and two up…