Rick Nash Trade: who won?

I don’t know. But I’ll tell you this much: there’s next to zero chance of the Rangers finishing with more than last year’s 109 points and Columbus finishing with less than last year’s 65.  

Why the Kings won’t get stale — and why they will

Does Dean Lombardi want to stand pat? – Jewels From The Crown Usually, Cup-winning teams lose a face or two in the offseason. But every roster player who was an unrestricted free agent re-signed with the Kings, even though they likely could have made more on the open market. This tidbit from Elliotte Friedman caught…

Weber Circumvention, pt. 2

A few additional thoughts after last night’s post. Back in the Summer of Kovalchuk, much was made of the fact that the tail of the (ultimately rejected) contract was minuscule compared to the front-loaded years, by a long shot when compared to other similar deals (e.g. Luongo, Hossa). I wrote a post called The League’s Case, which…

Weber Offer Sheet: CIRCUMVENTION?

One interpretation of Philly’s offer sheet is that they’re trying to make it actually impossible for Nashville to come up with the money. They’re not trying to force Nashville into a cap-crisis (which is a strategy the CBA anticipates). They’re trying to force more money into season one of the deal than is allowed by the CBA, for the purpose of undermining Nashville’s ability to compete.

Shea Weber CBA offer sheet compensation CHEAT SHEET

I’ve been reading some crazy stuff on the topic of Shea Weber’s offer sheet. I just wanted to jot down some quick thoughts before bed. Nashville has seven days to match the offer sheet signed by Weber. If they match, the offer sheet becomes a valid contract between Weber and Nashville. If they don’t, the…

Why the Flyers Owe the Preds FOUR FIRST ROUND PICKS

You need to check out Article 10.4 of the CBA. It states: 10.4 Draft Choice Compensation for Restricted Free Agents […] The number and quality of draft choices due […] shall be based on the average annual value of the compensation contained in the Principal Terms (as defined in Section 10.3(e) hereof) of the New…

Miss America has two boyfriends…

Miss California has two boyfriends, Jonathan Quick and you, Jonathan Bernier. She wants to date both and choose her steady boyfriend at some point in the future. She’s kind of leaning toward Quick. Then she wins Miss America. Then she marries Quick. But she would still like to pay you a visit every once in awhile. Not very often, but just when her new husband needs a rest. 

Tuesday’s Must Read: “some stories are better backwards.”

Ellen Etchingham: Patrick Roy has transcended the mundane positional errors and puckhandling miscues of ordinary goalies. He’s invented a whole new caliber of screwing up. And, after seventeen seasons of seeing every kind of shot and every kind of shooter hockey has to offer a hundred times over, he’s invented the only sort of mistake that could still, at that late date, fuck with his head.