Or maybe they just found more deductions

Of course, the owners claim they are losing money. But I think we all know that claim depends on narrowly defining which monies count and which don’t. AEG owns the Kings, the arena they play in, the neighboring real estate, and (I assume) dozens of related business entities in downtown LA. When the Kings are…

Shorter RudyKelly, and looking into AHL streaming

Because there is a lock-out coming and because I don’t have anything better to do, I took RudyKelly’s even-handed and well-reasoned commentary ont he “on-going” CBA negotiations, and ran it through Microsoft Word’s auto-summarize tool. I told Word to reduce it to a ten sentence summary. This is the result. RudyKelly: F the Owners Hey, owners: fuck…

Attention, NHL Players: DO THE MATH

Let’s say you make an even $1 million in annual salary. The league wants (may want) you to take a pay cut, down to $750,000. You say no way. As a result, there is no 2012-13 season, so your salary in that year is zero. Eventually, a compromise is reached, where you only have to…

“They just want the money”

Have the players done their own math? Are they really willing to give up 50% of this year’s salary in order to save 7% of that same salary over the next several (7? 8?) years. That’s obviously a wash.

I guess I would be optimistic if I thought they had run the numbers and could see that they will make the most money by taking the deal now and not getting locked out.

Newspaper? What’s a newspaper?

This isn’t a sports story but it may as well be. LA Times’ Patrick Goldstein Writes Last Column

Longtime Los Angeles Times movie columnist Patrick Goldstein decided to take a buyout rather than work for the new leadership at the newspaper. “He felt there was no more future for him there. It was obvious since all the new people think about is driving web traffic. They’re trying to put everyone to work doing that,” my source says.