Will Stoll be here for three years?

One of the advantages of signing players to cap-friendly contracts is that those contracts are tradeable assets. Would it be mean or disloyal for Lombardi to trade Stoll, say, at the trade deadline, or next summer, or anytime before his contract expires in 2015, considering that Stoll could have gotten more money signing somewhere else next week?

How many prospects make it? How long does it take?

Short version: Two or three out of every ten picks will turn into a viable roster player. One, maaaybe two, of those will be someone special. And it takes two or three years from the draft for the player to develop, sometimes less, sometimes more. Long version: Class of 2000 (GM Dave Taylor) Alex Frolov…

And she said, “I don’t want him to win the Stanley Cup.”

Oh, how I wish I had found this. But Scribe did, the bastard: Sexual Assault Allegations Against Drew Doughty? Fuck That. – Surly & Scribe A little more digging and there are more details that the L.A. Times didn’t have in their article. From the Press-Telegram: [...] Hermosa Beach police Sgt. Bob Higgins confirmed a…

Reasonable Doughty?

I suggest you read this only after you’ve read today’s articles and posts in the LA Times, LAKi and Hockey Buzz on the alleged off-ice incident involving Drew Doughty. Because I’m not going to recount the story as reported by those fine writers. I hesitate even to write this post. But I have a few…

Is signing Jarret Stoll a “must-do”?

If you’re comparing Stoll to Loktionov, don’t forget that Loktionov is going to get older and better, while Stoll is going to get older and worse. I don’t think Loktionov is going to have too much trouble scoring 20+ goals a year, once he starts getting a regular shift. Do you want to see him do that on another team?