Stupid Media Narratives, Ctd.

My favorite part of all of this is how the talking heads (no, not those Talking Heads) whip themselves up in a frenzy with their own made-up narratives (“destiny” “inevitability” “unbeatable” “historic”), and then wheel around and mock their own made-up story like it betrayed them. They set their little plot in motion, and then if it doesn’t work out, then that’s the story.

What explains the Kings’ turnaround?

Derek Zona of tweeted last night that he didn’t know who was responsible for the Kings’ recent success. His candidates were Darryl Sutter, Jeff Carter, Jack Johnson and variance. Variance, I imagine, is another way of saying, “just because this is happening doesn’t mean it’s likely ever to happen again.” Or, “if you stick…

Gagne Plays Tonight!

I guess he’ll play on the fourth line and get some power play time? I don’t think Lombardi or Sutter would use Gagne if it was a risky move. Unlike past Kings teams, this one is operating from a position of strength. I’m excited to see him play. And happy for him, too. BREAKING: Simon…