Reading Comprehension

Justin Schultz, free agency and the CBA

The CBA clearly indicates that clubs retain the rights of unsigned collegiate (or college-bound) draft picks, for four years after the year of their selection — ending either (1) August 15th four years after the year of selection, if the player graduates from said college, or (2) June 1 four years after the year of selection, if the player does not graduate.

The League’s Case against Kovalchuk

According to infallible Twitter, the next chapter in the serial blockbuster known as Kovalchuk Month begins tomorrow, with day one of the hearing. There has obviously been a lot of chatter in the Kovalchukosphere about the NHLPA’s supposedly slam dunk case, Bettman’s vendetta against the Devils, the league not having a leg to stand on, the…

CBA Reading Comprehension Problem?


(1) there can’t be fines because we’re dealing with Article 11; (2) there can’t be penalties because there’s been no interminable investigation; (3) Article 26 “doesn’t figure in yet” so the contract is “safe” — doesn’t seem to be the way the league and the union are interpreting the CBA. Like I said (and have said a million times), the exact relationship between 26 and 11 is not explicitly defined in terms of procedure, so don’t be surprised if it turns out to work in a way you don’t expect.

Kavka’s Toxin – Kovalchuk’s Intent

Kavka’s toxin puzzle – Wikipedia An eccentric billionaire places before you a vial of toxin that, if you drink it, will make you painfully ill for a day, but will not threaten your life or have any lasting effects. The billionaire will pay you one million dollars tomorrow morning if, at midnight tonight, you intend…