Dean Lombardi Trade History

This is the complete Dean Lombardi trade history during his tenure as Kings’ GM. How to decode the page: A draft pick is indicated by round and then overall position of the pick (e.g. 3r82 means third round pick, 82nd overall). If the traded pick is for another season, the year precedes it (e.g. 2013/1r — also note that future picks don’t indicate overall position yet, since we don’t know what it will be). If the pick originated with another team, that is indicated with that team’s three letter abbreviation as a suffix (e.g. 2013/1rTOR means Toronto’s first round pick in 2013).
16/24/06MIN (Risebrough)Pavol DemitraPatrick O’Sullivan (31), 1r17 (Trevor Lewis)
26/24/06NYR (Sather)4r1044r114 (Niclas Andersen), 5r144 (Martin Nolet)
36/24/06CBJ (Maclean)7r1942007/7r188 (Matt Fillier)
47/5/06VAN (Nonis)2007/2r33, 2009/3r66Dan Cloutier
59/30/06CAR (Rutherford)Eric Belanger, Tim GleasonJack Johnson (49)
61/20/07TBL (Feaster)Ryan Munce2008/4r92 (23)
71/27/07TBL (Feaster)Jason Ward5r137 (Podge Turnbull)
81/29/07CGY (Sutter)Craig ConroyJamie Lundmark, 4r109 (Dwight King), 2008/r2r48 (18)
92/5/07NYR (Sather)Sean Avery, John SeymourMarc-Andre Cliche, Jan Marek, 2008/3r81 (22)
102/26/07VAN (Nonis)Brent Sopel2r61 (Wayne Simmonds) (45), 2008/4r101 (22)
112/27/07DAL (Armstrong)Norstrom, Pushkarev, 3r64, 4r94Modry (14), Fransson, 2r52 (Oscar Moller),
3r82 (Cameron), 2008/1r28 (19)
126/23/07WAS (McPhee)6r154, 2008/4r934r95 (Alec Martinez)
1312/10/07DAL (Hull)Evgeny Fedorov2008/6r179 (24)
142/19/08PHI (Holmgren)Modry (11)3r88 (Geordie Wudrick)
152/26/08ANA (Burke)Jean-Sebastien Aubin7r185 (25)
162/26/08DET (Holland)Brad Stuart2r61 (21), 2009/4r119 (34)
176/4/08STL (Pleau)T.J. Fast2009/5r137 (34)
186/20/08CGY (Sutter)Mike Cammalleri, 2r48 (8)1r17 (19), 2009/2r51 (31)
196/20/08ANA (Burke)1r17 (18), 1r28 (11)1r12 (20)
206/20/08BUF (Regier)1r12 (19)1r13 (Colten Teubert) (44), 2009/3r74 (33)
216/21/08COL (Giguere)2r61 (16)Brad Richardson
226/21/08BUF (Regier)3r81 (9), 4r101 (10)3r74 (Andrew Campbell)
236/21/08SJS (Wilson)4r92 (6)2009/4r117 (35), 2010/5r148 (Kevin Gravel)
246/21/08CHI (Tallon)6r179 (13)2009/6r178 (Brandon Kozun) (62)
256/21/08STL (Pleau)7r185 (15)2009/7r197 (Nic Dowd)
266/30/08EDM (Lowe)Lubomir VisnovskyJarret Stoll, Matt Greene
277/1/08PHI (Holmgren)Patrik Hersley, Ned LukacevicDenis Gauthier Jr, 2010/2r59 (39)
287/31/08DAL (Hull)Lauri TukonenRich Clune
299/30/08ANA (Burke)cond. (nothing)Sean O`Donnell
3012/30/08VAN (Gillis)Jason LaBarbera2009/7r202 (35)
313/4/09CAR (Rutherford)O’Sullivan (1), 2r51 (18)Justin Williams
326/27/09NYR (Sather)Brian Boyle2010/3r70 (Jordan Weal)
336/27/09CGY (Sutter)3r74 (20)3r84 (Nick Deslauriers) (66), 4r107 (34)
346/27/09FLA (Martin)4r107 (33), 5r137 (17)2010/3r63 (38)
356/27/09ATL (Waddell)4r117 (23), 4r119, 7r202 (30)4r95 (Jean-Francois Berube)
367/3/09COL (Sherman)Quincey, Preissing, 2010/5r139Ryan Smyth (47)
373/3/10CBJ (Howson)cond.** (nothing)Fredrik Modin
383/3/10TBL (Lawton)Teddy Purcell, 3r63 (34)Jeff Halpern
396/25/10FLA (Tallon)1r19, 2r59 (27)1r15 (Derek Forbort)
406/26/10COL (Sherman)2r49, 4r1092r47 (Tyler Toffoli)
416/26/10TOR (Burke)3r792012/3rTOR (46)
426/26/10ATL (Dudley)6r169, 7r1996r158 (Maxim Kitsyn)
4312/11/10BOS (Chiarelli)cond. (nothing)Marco Sturm
442/28/11EDM (Tambellini)Teubert (20), 1r19, 2012/3rDustin Penner
456/23/11PHI (Holmgren)Schenn, Simmonds (10), 2012/2rMike Richards, Rob Bordson
466/25/11NAS (Poile)6r169, 2012/3rTOR (41)3r81 (Nick Shore)
476/26/11EDM (Tambellini)Smyth (36)Colin Fraser, 2012/7rEDM (50)
4810/12/11PHI (Holmgren)future considerationsStefan Legein, 2012/6rPHI (Tomas Hyka)
492/23/12CBJ (Howson)Johnson (5), 2012?2013/1r (cond.)Jeff Carter
506/23/12DAL (Nieuwendyk)2012/7rEDM (47)2013/7rDAL (Dominik Kubalik)
511/13/13CAR (Risebrough)Kevin WestgarthAnthony Stewart, 2013/4rCAR (58), 2014/6rCAR
522/6/13NJD (Lamoriello)Andrei Loktionov2013/5rNJD (53)
532/8/13FLA (Tallon)2013/5rNJD (52)Keaton Ellerby
542/26/13PHI (Holmgren)Simon Gagne2013/3rPHX (Justin Auger)
554/1/13BUF (Regier)2014/2rLAK (66), 2015/2rLAK (66)Robyn Regehr
564/2/13MTL (Bergevin)Davis Drewiske2013/5rMTL (Patrik Bartosak)
576/23/13TOR (Nonis)Jonathan BernierMatt Frattin (65), Ben Scrivens (61)
2014?2015/2rTOR (cond.) (65), $492.5K (RSA)
586/30/13EDM (MacTavish)2013/2rLAK, 2013/3rLAK, 2013/4rCAR (51)2013/2rEDM (Velentin Zykov)
596/30/13NJD (Lamoriello)2013/7rLAK2015/7rNJD
607/16/13CHI (Bowman)2015/6rLAKDaniel Carcillo (63)
611/15/14EDM (MacTavish)Ben Scrivens (57)2014/3rEDM (65)
621/22/14TOR (Nonis)Brandon Kozun (24)Andrew Crescenzi
631/24/14NYR (Sather)Daniel Carcillo (60)2014/7rNYR (cond.)
642/6/14MTL (Bergevin)Robbie CzarnikSteve Quailer
653/5/14CBJ (Kekalainen)Matt Frattin (57), 2014?2015/2rTOR (cond.) (57),
2014/2rLAK?3rEDM (61) (cond.)
Marian Gaborik, $3.75M (RSA)
663/5/14BUF (Murray)Nick Deslauriers (33), Hudson FaschingBrayden McNabb, Jonathan Parker,
2014/2rLAK (55), 2015/2rLAK (55)
673/5/14SJS (Wilson)2016/7rLAK (cond.)James Livingston

You will notice some numbers in parentheses. Feel free to ignore them if you wish. Their presence indicates that the player or pick in question was eventually traded by Lombardi, and that subsequent trade will be found by seeking out the one indicated by the number in the parentheses (all the trades are numbered at the left-most column). For example, Patrick O’Sullivan was acquired by Lombardi in trade number one. The (31) after his name tells you that he was subsequently traded in trade number 31. If you go down to trade 31, you will see a (1) after O’Sullivan’s name. This allows you to track back and see where the just-traded asset was acquired.

I don’t know if I made that confusing enough, but I do find it useful to track what became of the assets Lombardi traded for. For example, you might notice that a pick in the Conroy trade was packaged with O’Sullivan (from the Demitra trade) to get Justin Williams. Demitra also netted us Trevor Lewis, and another Conroy pick got us Dwight King. So the sum of those parts is “Demitra and Conroy for Williams, Lewis and King.”


  8 comments for “Dean Lombardi Trade History

  1. April 9, 2012 at 8:05 AM

    I see that he “won” some of the trades.  But I feel he got fleeced more often than not.

    • Sam
      April 9, 2012 at 8:24 AM

      Fleeced is a strong way to put it. I see one instance of the Kings trading away a star and getting nothing. The closest would be Demitra but the Kings were rebuilding then anyways.

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  3. doughty99
    April 11, 2013 at 4:30 PM

    I didn’t realize Nic Dowd was a 7th rounder. Haven’t seen too much of St. Cloud St., but Dowd’s stats indicate he’s a nice player.

  4. Sheng Peng
    March 5, 2014 at 1:32 PM

    Thanks for the great work; it was the foundation for my article about Lombardi’s Trade Deadline record ( For completeness’s sake, you might like to know that the (7) Jason Ward deal with Tampa Bay is actually dated 2/27/07. The (9) Avery trade to the Rangers is also missing acquiring Ward from NYR. Whew, that’s probably the most mentions of Jason Ward in a post since he was drafted!

  5. matt barry
    March 28, 2014 at 7:49 AM

    1) Trading TWO 1st round picks to draft Colten Teubert
    2) Cloutier for a 2nd and a 3rd
    3) Smyth for Fraser
    4) Bernier for Frattin and Scrivens (will forgive if they resign Gabby)
    5) Brad Richardson for a 2nd was severe overpayment
    6) The Norstrom deal didn’t work out (Moller)

    • April 15, 2014 at 12:45 AM

      Smyth for Fraser — I liked Fraser in 2012 though, and I like to think of getting rid of Smyth as necessary to bring in Richards (without getting rid of Smyth, no cap room for Richards).

      Frattin — I never understood the appeal of that guy.

      Norstrom — you’ve got the Norstrom deal in your 1 and 6 here (the Dallas pick was one of the two 1st rounders you mentioned). Maybe Oscar will come back some day. Not here. Probably he won’t. Oh well.

      Teubert was a bad pick. He did get us Penner, who, for all his foibles, is now burned into our Stanley Cup memories.

      Glad to hear from you always, though.

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