LA Kings Reserve List

This is the complete LA Kings reserve list, comprising the Kings’ active roster, injured-reserve, all signed minor league, major junior and European players, unsigned draft picks, and players playing in Europe whose rights the Kings retain.

  • 3/6/14 — Marian Gaborik, James Livingston, Jonathan Parker and Brayden McNabb in; Nic Deslauriers, Hudson Fasching and Matt Frattin, out. Also (catching up), Ben Scrivens, Daniel Carcillo and Keaton Ellerby out, various signings and team assignments updated (e.g. Justin Azevedo is in the KHL now, whatever).
  • 10/1/13 — Marc-Andre Cliche picked up on waivers by the Avs.
  • 7/30/13 — Bodnarchuk, Miller, Nolan, Lewis, Martinez, Muzzin signed. Carcillo added.
  • 7/5/13 — Ellerby and Schultz signed. Scuderi, Richardson, Penner, depart.
  • 7/2/13 — Kolomatis, Legein not qualified.
  • 6/23/13 — Bernier, out. Frattin and Scrivens, in.
  • 6/1/13 — Gibson and Schumacher, juniors not signed. MacDermid, UFA signing. Regehr, 2 year extension.
  • 4/5/13 — Regehr in. Drewiske out. Forbort signed.
  • 3/30/13 — Gagne, out.
  • 2/8/2013 — Loktionov, out. Ellerby, in.
  • 1/15/2013 — Westgarth, Hickey, Clune, out. Stewart in.
Kings UFA '144
Kings RFA '141
Monarchs RFA '148
Monarchs UFA '143
unsigned NCAA6
unsigned juniors1
sign by 6/1/14: juniors1
sign by 8/15/13: NCAA0
sign by 8/15/14: NCAA3
Avg Height (Kings)73.6
Avg Weight (Kings)209.0
Avg Height (Monarchs)73.4
Avg Weight (Monarchs)197.9
Avg Height (NCAA)73.7
Avg Weight (NCAA)197.3
Cap Hit$66,016,894
Cap space($1,716,894)
Roster22 (13F, 7D, 2G)
Columns of the big list are fully sortable. Click on headers to sort by age, cap hit, draft position, team, contract expiration, etc., etc.. Use the search window to filter results. Clever use of punctuation marks will yield worthwhile results.

  • “@” followed by position abbreviation (LW, C, RW, RD, LD, G) filters by position.
  • Period followed by a number filters by draft round (e.g. “.1″ for all first round picks).
  • Open bracket (“[“) followed by three letter team abbreviation filters for players acquired via trade from that team.
  • Three-letter team abbreviation in parentheses (e.g. “(LAK)”) filters for players drafted by that team.
  • Slash followed by two digit birth year (e.g. “/88″) filters for players born in that year.
  • Team name filters for team name.
  • League abbreviation in parentheses filters for league.
#playerTeam (league)exp (nxt)dr (by)pk.raq/sgnwvxpbornCAPHT/WTPOS
2Matt GreeneKings (NHL)2014 (UFA)2002 (EDM)44.22008 [EDM]5/13/83295075 / 232@RD
6Jake MuzzinKings (NHL)2015 (RFA)2007 (PIT)141.520102/21/89100075 / 217@LD
8Drew DoughtyKings (NHL)2019 (UFA)2008 (LAK)2.1200812/8/89700072 / 212@RD
10Mike RichardsKings (NHL)2020 (UFA)2003 (PHI)24.12011 [PHI]2/11/85575071 / 199@C
11Anze KopitarKings (NHL)2016 (UFA)2005 (LAK)11.120058/24/87680075 / 225@C
12Marian GaborikKings (NHL)2014 (UFA)2000 (MIN)3.12014 [CBJ]2/14/82375073 / 204@LW
13Kyle CliffordKings (NHL)2015 (RFA)2009 (LAK)35.220091/13/91107574 / 208@LW
14Justin WilliamsKings (NHL)2015 (UFA)2000 (PHI)28.12009 [CAR]10/4/81365073 / 191@RW
22Trevor LewisKings (NHL)2014 (UFA)2006 (LAK)17.120061/8/87132573 / 194@RW@C
23Dustin BrownKings (NHL)2022 (UFA)2003 (LAK)13.1200311/4/84317572 / 204@RW@LW
24Colin FraserMonarchs (AHL)2014 (UFA)2003 (PHI)69.32011 [EDM]1/28/8582573 / 191@C
26Slava VoynovKings (NHL)2019 (UFA)2008 (LAK)32.220081/15/90416771 / 199@RD
27Alec MartinezKings (NHL)2015 (UFA)2007 (LAK)95.420087/26/87110073 / 206@LD
28Jarret StollKings (NHL)2015 (UFA)2002 (EDM)36.22008 [EDM]1/24/82325073 / 213@C
31Martin JonesKings (NHL)2015 (RFA)undr20081/10/9055076 / 189@G
32Jonathan QuickKings (NHL)2023 (UFA)2005 (LAK)72.320121/21/86580073 / 214@G
33Willie MitchellKings (NHL)2014 (UFA)1996 (NJD)199.82010 [[VAN]]4/23/77350075 / 208@LD
35Jean-Francois BerubeMonarchs (AHL)2014 (RFA)2009 (LAK)95.420112015 (80)7/13/9155373 / 174@G
37Nick ShoreMonarchs (AHL)2015 (RFA)2011 (LAK)82.32016 (80)9/26/9292572 / 195@C
38Valentin ZykovBaie Comeau (QMJHL)2015 (u)2013 (LAK)37.25/15/9572 / 208@LW
40Nick EbertGuelph (CHL)2014 (u)2012 (LAK)211.75/11/9473 / 207@RD
41Alex RoachCalgary (CHL)2016 (RFA)undr20112016 (160)4/4/9356776 / 228@LD
44Robyn RegehrKings (NHL)2015 (UFA)1998 (COL)19.12013 [BUF]4/19/80300075 / 225@LD
47Andrew BodnarchukMonarchs (AHL)2015 (RFA)2006 (BOS)128.52012 [[BOS]]7/11/8855070 / 188@LD
48Maxim KitsynMonarchs (AHL)2016 (RFA)2010 (LAK)158.612/24/9160374 / 194@LW
49Joel LowryCornell (NCAA)2015 (u)2011 (LAK)140.511/15/9174 / 185@LW
50Nikolai ProkhorkinCSKA Moscow (KHL)2015 (RFA)2012 (LAK)121.420129/17/9387575 / 190@LW
52Tomas HykaVasteras IK (EUR)2014 (u)2012 (LAK)171.63/23/9371 / 166@RW
54Kevin GravelSt. Cloud St. (NCAA)2014 (u)2010 (LAK)148.53/6/9276 / 200@RD
55Michael MerschWisconsin (NCAA)2014 (u)2011 (LAK)110.410/2/9273 / 215@LW
55Jeff SchultzMonarchs (AHL)2014 (UFA)2004 (WAS)27.12/25/8670078 / 227@LD
56Kurtis MacDermidErie Otters (OHL)2017 (RFA)undr20132016 (160)3/25/9457976 / 205@RD
57Linden VeyMonarchs (AHL)2014 (RFA)2009 (LAK)96.420112014 (160)7/17/9179072 / 200@C
60Jordan WealMonarchs (AHL)2015 (RFA)2010 (LAK)70.320112015 (160)4/15/9261070 / 178@C
61Colin MillerMonarchs (AHL)2016 (RFA)2012 (LAK)151.510/29/9260373 / 181@RD
62Zac LeslieGuelph (OHL)2015 (u)2013 (LAK)178.61/31/9472 / 172@LD
63Jonny BrodzinskiSt. Cloud St. (NCAA)2016 (u)2013 (LAK)148.56/19/9372 / 202@C
64Andy AndreoffMonarchs (AHL)2014 (RFA)2011 (LAK)80.320112014 (160)5/17/9159873 / 217@C
65Patrik BartosakRed Deer (WHL)2017 (RFA)2013 (LAK)146.53/29/9362072 / 181@G
70Tanner PearsonKings (NHL)2015 (RFA)2012 (LAK)30.12015 (159)8/10/9273672 / 205@LW
71Jordan NolanKings (NHL)2015 (RFA)2009 (LAK)186.720106/23/8970075 / 227@RW
72Nic DowdSt. Could St. (NCAA)2014 (u)2009 (LAK)198.75/27/9074 / 196@C
73Tyler ToffoliKings (NHL)2015 (RFA)2010 (LAK)47.220112015 (138)4/24/9271773 / 194@RW
74Dwight KingKings (NHL)2014 (RFA)2007 (LAK)109.420097/5/8975075 / 234@LW
76Paul LaDueUND (NCAA)2016 (u)2012 (LAK)181.69/6/9273 / 186@LD
77Jeff CarterKings (NHL)2022 (UFA)2003 (PHI)11.12012 [CBJ]1/1/85527376 / 199@RW
79Justin AugerGuelph (OHL)2015 (u)2013 (LAK)103.45/14/9478 / 216@RW
81Andrew CampbellMonarchs (AHL)2014 (UFA)2008 (LAK)74.320082/4/8853876 / 206@LD
82Brian O'NeillMonarchs (AHL)2014 (RFA)undr20122014 (60)6/1/8860569 / 170@RW
84Derek ForbortMonarchs (AHL)2016 (RFA)2010 (LAK)15.120132016 (80)3/4/9286376 / 218@LD
Andrei SheferKhanty-Mansiysk (KHL)(u)1999 (LAK)43.27/26/8173 / 194@
Justin AzevedoPrague Lev (KHL)(uRFA)2008 (LAK)153.620094/1/8867 / 175@C
Bud HollowaySkelleftea AIK (SEL)(uRFA)2006 (LAK)86.320083/1/8872 / 201@LW
Oscar MollerSkelleftea AIK (SEL)(uRFA)2007 (LAK)52.220081/22/8970 / 183@RW
Brayden McNabbMonarchs (AHL)2014 (RFA)2009 (BUF)66.32014 [BUF]1/21/9171576 / 205@LD
James LivingstonMonarchs (AHL)2014 (RFA)2008 (STL)70.32014 [SJS]3/8/9060573 / 215@RW
Jonathan ParkerMonarchs (AHL)2014 (RFA)undr2014 [BUF]9/25/9154870 / 195@RW
Steve QuailerMonarchs (AHL)2014 (RFA)2008 (MTL)86.32014 [TOR]2016 (40)8/5/8965076 / 200@RW
Andrew CrescenziMonarchs (AHL)2015 (RFA)undr2014 [MTL]2016 (160)7/29/9256177 / 208@C
Dominik KubalikSudbury (OHL)2015 (u)2013 (LAK)191.78/21/9573 / 176@LW
Scott SabourinMonarchs (AHL)2017 (RFA)undr20132016 (35)7/30/9275375 / 203@RW

To reiterate the terms and rules, as defined in the CBA:

  • “Active roster” – a team must have between 20 and 23 players on its active roster. These players must be under contract (except in the case of amateur tryouts, like Brayden Schenn had in the 2009-2010 season)
  • “50 contract limit” – a team must have between 27 and 50 players under contract. There are some funky rules related to this, the main ones being that players playing in Europe (e.g. Moller) and players under the age of 20 still playing in juniors (e.g. Toffoli, Weal, Roach), even if under contract, don’t count against the limit.
  • “Reserve list” – a team may not have more than 90 players on its reserve list, which is the total of all players under contract and all unsigned draft-picks.


  • “exp.” indicates the year the player’s current contract expires. All contracts expire on 7/1 of that year. However, in the case of unsigned picks, it’s the year they must be signed by (two years after their draft year, or, in the case of college players, either the year they graduate or — if they don’t stay in school — four years after their draft year). Generally, college players must be signed by 8/15 of the year of their graduation, and juniors players must be signed by 6/1.
  • nxt. refers to the player’s free-agency status as of 7/1 of that year.
  • “dr” and “by” refers to the player’s draft year and draft team. Searching for a team name (three letter abbreviation) in parentheses (not brackets) will filter for all players drafted by that team. 
  • “pk” and “r” show the player’s draft position and draft round. The format is overall draft position, followed by a period, followed by the round selected. The logic behind this is that, since this column is the only one where a period appears, if you enter, for example, “.1″,in the search window, the chart will filter out everyone but the first round picks.
  • “aq/sgn” refers to the year in which the player signed their last contract with the Kings (if applicable) or was acquired by the Kings (if applicable). The team from which the player was acquired, (or, if UFA, the player’s previous team) is in brackets. As this is the only column in which brackets appear, you can use brackets in the search window to filter for players acquired from a certain team (e.g. [PHI]). Double brackets indicate that the player was signed as a UFA and previously played for that team. (Simply putting “[[” in the search window will filter for all players signed as UFAs, regardless of team.)
  • “wvxp” indicates the year in which (on 7/1) the player’s waiver-exemption expires, and “gms” the number of games played left before the player’s waiver-exemption expires, whichever comes first. The listed number of games remaining is accurate as of January 18, 2013.
  • BORN is birthday.
  • CAP is cap hit, in thousands. 
  • HT and WT indicate the player’s height in inches and weight in pounds.
  • (1), (0) etc. — the numbers in parentheses after a player’s team name indicates the number of years of eligibility he has in juniors or college, as applicable. Note, however, that some players (e.g. players drafted out of Europe, not out of juniors — Kitsyn comes to mind) are able to play in the AHL even if they still have junior eligibility remaining. Also, juniors are allowed to carry “over-age” players and this can allow a player with a (0) to stay in juniors after he’s turned 20. (NOTE: sometimes I leave out these numbers, just warning you.)
  • u — unsigned.
  • undr — undrafted. Searching for “undr” filters for all undrafted players. Searching for “und” will give you unintended results, like college players from UND (Forbort) or players with the letters und in their names.

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      Actually, I look at that table and 6 names jump out me: Muzzin, Clifford, Voynov, Martinez, Lewis and Bernier. I know that the Kings should be able to keep all of them without too much trouble because they’re RFA, but they form a sizable demographic bulge when you consider that losing any one of them would be a significant defection. I also have this nightmare that someone is going to make an offer sheet for Bernier. Someone please tell me that my concerns are irrational, and that it will all work out fine.

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