This time last year

I wanted to remember what it was like to be a Kings fan this time last year. In March, Rich’s question was, who is the Kings’ best defenseman? The choices? Rob Blake, Kevin Dallman, Peter Harrold, Jack Johnson, Jon Klemm, Tom Preissing, Lubomir Visnovsky. Seems like about a million years ago. via Seriously…who? – Inside…

Projecting the magic playoff number “Not everyone wants to play the game, but for the statistically driven among NHL GMs, coaches and players – and there are lots of those – the primary exercise at this time of year is projecting The Number: That is, the number of points that gets you into the playoffs. The Number has dramatically…

Kings Lead the League in Scoring

Wrong league though. An article about Jagr possibly playing for Edmonton next year linked to the scoring stats for the KHL (link below). Jagr finished 7th in scoring, a couple of points ahead of Era Pirnes, and five points behind (5th overall) Kevin Dallman. Dallman leads all defensemen in points, and by a mile. Meanwhile,…

Ken Holland on Hossa, Franzen

Holland: “It’s about team building, it’s about our philosophy. We can keep Franzen and Hossa, but then we’ll have to let a whole lot of other players go. I don’t know if that’s the answer to being competitive. But if I can get a number that I think allows us to have one extra player,…

Komisarek: $6MM+

“…if Komisarek can’t come to terms on a contract extension prior to July 1, the asking price for the league’s premier available shutdown defenseman will assuredly skyrocket to the $6 million per season rate and beyond.” via The Hockey News: Canadiens face tough UFA decisions.  

Quisp vs. Troll

I’m digging into the archives in search of time-capsule material from the Dawn of Lombardi or whatever we’re calling it. Here’s the first one I came upon. It’s from the old “Inside the Kings” site, comments section, December 3, 2008. The post was titled “World Juniors Roster,” and announced that Thomas Hickey and Colten Teubert…

10-17-2008: Quisp vs. Cristobal

From the “Inside the Kings” comments section, October 17, 2008, the day Kyle Quincey played his first game as a King, and his fourteenth career game. Commenter “Cristobal” is upset that I appear not to have a problem with Chris Chelios. cristobal said: Quisp – Chelios is ok and Blake isn’t? I don’t think so. Quisp…

9-6-2008: “Inside the Kings” comments section

Sydor25 said: Running an NHL franchise in a major market at $40 million? Disgraceful. Does anybody believe that Lubomir wasn’t a salary dump? […] anthony said: He wants to save more room under the cap, in order to blow it (or waste it) on players like Handzus, Blake, McCauley, Cloutier, Nagy etc, etc. etc. Sorry, couldn’t…

CCM develops new revolutionary dye-sublimation technique

…which will for the first time allow actual gradations of color on a jersey. The Kings will utilize this technology on their new “third” jersey, currently in development, and which will debut in the beginning of 1996. I have it on good authority that the design is eye-catching. They’re also employing a new font for…

My season tickets came today

I was looking over my beautiful tickets, and I noticed something. This has to be the most favorable schedule the Kings have ever had. Short road trips, few back-to-backs, several long home-stands, no long breaks…it’s about time the schedule-makers looked favorably upon the Kings. An excellent omen for 1994-95!  

From the Vault: Kings Add Final Piece (10-9-78)

Having gotten rid of that loser Rogie Vachon, the Kings have upgraded their goaltending by trading their worthless 1979 first round pick to the Boston Bruins for franchise cornerstone Ron Grahame. Kings’ fans ten year wait for a cup is about to end.  

Pro Hockey coming back to L.A.?

I’m not holding my breath. Still mad about the whole Monarchs fiasco.

LA Times, 3/27/59


Transfer of franchise in Western League discussed with Coliseum Commission

by Charles Curtis

Growth of the Western Hockey League, which is currently seeking to expand to Los Angeles and San Francisco, into a major league capable of rivaling the long-entrenched National Hockey League, was envisioned yesterday by WHL president Al Leader.