Which Sabres player would/should be coveted most by the Kings? And who would/should they give up to get him?

The Sabres Observer

Well, here’s an indisputable truth for you: the Sabres and Kings have been checking each other out a lot lately. The Sabres have had a scouting presence at Staples Center for most Kings games over the past couple of weeks, more so than in other Western Conference buildings [...]. L.A., along with Vancouver, Chicago, Dallas, Edmonton, Colorado, and five Eastern Conference teams, had scouts at FNC last night for Buffalo’s 3-1 win over the Rangers.

Is this the year the Kings and Ducks meet in the playoffs?

[FIXED: I somehow managed to forget that the Ducks and Kings both made the post-season in 2011. This post has been corrected to reflect reality.] Sportsclubstats.com puts the Kings’ odds of making the playoffs at 91%, and the Ducks’ odds at 99.9%.  SCS puts the overall odds of the Kings and Ducks meeting in the first…

Post-game/pre-game whatever bullets

  • Jeff Carter, with his 17th goal in 23 games, is on a 60 goal pace for a normal 82 game season.
  • The Kings’ victory over the Flames doesn’t count in the season series tie-breaker.
  • Tomorrow’s game counts. The Kings are up 2 points on the Flames in the season series, and this is the last game between the two teams this regular season.
  • The Kings are still 3rd in points-blown, and 5th in the official standings.
  • The Flames have dropped to the bottom of the official standings, but in points-blown they’re 12th, and Columbus, despite their recent success, is still 15th.
  • No-one has played as few games as the Kings and Flames, with 23.

Carter-mania! Post-game bullets

Last night, Jeff Carter scored maybe the most sheepish hat-trick I’ve ever seen. With 14 goals in 20 games, Carter is on pace for 57 goals in an 82 game season. In celebration of the four goals by ex-Flyers, here’s a link to the freshly-updated Philly West page, with new graphics. The Kings jump to…

Guess what? The Jets ARE the Thrashers

From The Strangest One Of All — “Can’t Jet From The Past“: [...] there are many people who still refer to the Winnipeg Jets as the Atlanta Thrashers, mostly for their craptastic playing style and their streakiness [...]. It makes me wonder why this has been such a wide-spread thing and how come other teams weren’t given as much flack [...]. For instance, you didnt see people rag on the Avalanche for playing like the old Nordiques, but they had the benefit of [...] winning the Stanley Cup their first year in Denver, which almost all but erased the Nordiques from their history…..literally.”

Warning: Ex-King content (CON-tent and con-TENT)

Loktionov is getting excellent notices in New Jersey. From Fire & Ice – “Loktionov continues to impress“: Devils center Andrei Loktionov continues to make key contributions and impress, scoring the tying goal with 8:38 left in regulation Saturday. Loktionov, who was acquired for a 2013 fifth-round draft pick in a Feb. 6 trade with Los Angeles and called up from Albany (AHL) on Feb. 17, has points in five consecutive games now (three goals, two assists).

Ducks and Wild demonstrate why the loser point is bad

  • I’m watching the Ducks/Wild game.
  • I do not like the Ducks. I always root against the Ducks. 
  • However, at this point in this season, it’s better for the Kings if the Wild lose. Because the Wild are more of a threat to the Kings’ playoff chances. The Ducks are currently out of reach.
  • For that reason, as I watch the game, I am not bothered all that much by the fact that Anaheim jumps out to a 3-0 lead. It’s annoying, because I don’t like the Ducks and hate to see them succeed. But it’s gratifying, because the Wild losing helps the Kings.

Jay Feaster is right and you are wrong

We started the day with the post “I don’t think Ryan O’Reilly can play in the NHL this season,” and then followed with “Why I’m Wrong and Everyone is … Also Wrong.” Now, Jay Feaster has spoken, and people have written on the topic of his speaking. And I was all set to write a…

Why I’m wrong and everyone is…also wrong

Earlier today, Sportsnet reported that Ryan O’Reilly would have had to clear waivers had he gone to Calgary. I wrote a post saying that my understanding of the CBA was that if indeed O’Reilly had played in the KHL after 1/19, then he would have to clear waivers to play in the NHL. On Twitter,…

Post Kings/Wings: the good, the bad, and the points-blown

THE GOOD — Kings win, Wings lose, Preds lose. THE BAD — Ducks win. THE POINTS-BLOWN: Kings are 4th in the West in points-blown, and 5th in the official standings (the official standings are catching up to where I have had the Kings for about a week now). For sortable chart fun, click on the…

Kings rest, meanwhile: Sunday’s results

THE GOOD: Canucks lose, Coyotes lose, Avs half-lose. THE BAD: Wings win, Hawks win, Flames win, Ducks win. THE POINTS-BLOWN: with the Canucks losing, the Kings pull within 2 points-blown of 3rd in the West; 6 points-blown separate 3rd from 14th; no one is safe. Okay, the Hawks are probably safe from the Jackets, but that’s about…

2/23/13: the Good, the Bad, and the Points-Blown

THE GOOD: Kings win, Sharks, Avs and Preds lose, Coyotes half-lose. THE BAD: Blues, Wings, Stars, and Oilers win, Oilers give away loser point to Coyotes. SILVER LINING: Oilers don’t get a ROW for winning in a shoot-out. WHO CARES: Jackets win lose. Whatever. POINTS-BLOWN: Kings jump all the way to 5th in points-blown, and…

Kovalchuk, DeBoer, praise Loktionov

Devils rally past Capitals, 3-2, on goals from Andrei Loktionov and Ilya Kovalchuk | NJ.com. In a marquee matchup between Ilya Kovalchuk and Alex Ovechkin, the two Russian stars did not disappoint. [...] But it was 22-year-old Russian Andrei Loktionov who arguably had the best night of all. Loktionov, acquired in a Feb. 6 trade with…

Score, Loktionov!

…a third period game-tying goal, in tonight’s game against the Caps. Matt Moulson has 2 goals in the Islanders’ game against Montreal. Thomas Hickey appears to be on his way to 15-16 minutes of TOI in that game. Hickey is near the top in QUALCOMP (toughest competition) among Isles’ defensemen, and near the bottom in…