2001 v DET, 2013 v STL — Kings come back from 0-2 to win in 6

For the second time in franchise history, the Kings came back from an 0-2 series deficit to win in six. For the second time in a calendar year, Dustin Penner scored a series-clinching goal that no Kings fan will forget. The Kings extend their consecutive playoff series winning streak to five. Jonathan Quick stole 99.9%…

Kings win game five — post-game bullets

  • Kings are 1-11 in series in which they lost the first two games.
  • The one series win was also the last time they were down 0-2, in 2001, against Detroit.
  • Kings are 7-1 in series in which they have a 3-2 series lead going into game 6.
  • The one loss was in their first season, to the North Stars.

Kings delay tee times thanks to Justin Williams

The Diving Poke Check of game three. The deflection of game four. Without which the Kings would very likely either be returning to St. Louis down 3-1, or would already be cleaning out their lockers. The Kings are 1-12 in coming back from a 3-1 deficit. The Kings are 7-4 in series that are tied…

Tails, tails, heads.

You flip a coin three times, and there are eight different sequences of possible outcomes. One results in all heads (3-0). One results in all tails (0-3). The other six result in 2 of one and 1 of the other. Heads, heads, heads. Heads, heads, tails. Heads, tails, heads. Heads, tails, tails. Tails, heads, heads.…

I have two comments on game one

Prime Ticket: SPLIT SCREEN?? YOU SUCK.  Jonathan Quick: don’t do that. Bonus third comment: didn’t Quick do that once last post-season? In one of those four losses? I choose not to be heartbroken about this. Maybe the Ducks will lose…  

Kings round 1, game 1: this year vs. last year

On April 11, 2012, the Kings beat the Vancouver Canucks 4-2 in Vancouver, in game one of the first round series which the Kings won 4-1. This was the roster: Brown, Carter, Clifford, Doughty, Greene, King, Kopitar, Lewis, Martinez, Mitchell, Nolan, Penner, Richards, Scuderi, Stoll, Voynov, Williams, Quick, Bernier (Loktionov, Westgarth, Richardson, Drewiske — scratched).…

You know what? These match-ups are awesome!

Aside from the fact that I always enjoy the Philadelphia Flyers in the playoffs and would have preferred them to Ottawa, this is easily the best set of first round series that I can remember. Here are my predictions, infused with a ridiculous amount of wishful thinking. What do you want, it’s a blog. Round One:…

Pre-post-season thoughts

  • The Kings finished ahead of San Jose in the standings for the first time since 2003…
  • …the end of the season in which Dean Lombardi was fired as Sharks GM.
  • The Kings were second in the conference in regulation wins, with 24, one win behind Chicago.

Zen moments with Drew Doughty

Yes, the outcome’s going to happen no matter what. “We don’t need to worry about the outcome. The outcome’s going to happen no matter what after that.” via April 26 practice quotes: Drew Doughty « LA Kings Insider.  

Leiweke to the leafs

Deadline.com: Leiweke Heads North

Leiweke, whose abrupt and unceremonious exit from AEG last month was billed as “by mutual agreement,” will take over one of Canadian sports’ more high-profile jobs. MLSE not only runs the Toronto Maple Leafs […] — it operates […] Air Canada Centre, […] the Toronto Marlies and three TV networks. The company, four-fifths owned by northern giant Rogers Communications and Bell Canada, also has a hand in an LA Live-like mixed-use complex that surrounds the arena.

The new president and CEO of Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment won’t assume his gig until late June […].

Teams locking up seeds

CHI has locked up 1st. ANA has locked up 2nd. VAN has locked up 3rd. LAK will be 4th (83% likelihood), 5th (13%) or 6th (4%). STL is very likely (87%) to be 5th or 6th. SJS is very likely (78%) to be 5th or 6th. MIN is very likely (72%) to be 7th or…

Playoff picture coming into focus

The Kings can finish no lower than 6th, and still have a tiny shot at winning the division. If the Ducks finish no better than 0-2-1 and the Kings win out, the Kings win the division and take 2nd. Therefore, it’s all but certain the Kings will finish 4th or 5th… …with a sliver of…

Dare to dream: can the Kings catch the Ducks?

  • The idea of the Kings winning the Pacific had been so far-fetched even a couple of weeks ago that I put it almost entirely out of my mind.
  • Today I see that the Kings are just five points behind.
  • Each team has four games left.
  • If the Ducks win out, they will have 68 points. If the Kings win out, they will have 63 points.
  • The Kings play DAL, DET, MIN and SJS. The Ducks play EDM, EDM, VAN and PHX.
  • The Kings are currently up by two ROWs, the first tie-breaker.
  • If they end up tied in points and ROWs, the Kings won the season series, so the Kings would advance.

Last season to this season — who got better, who got worse

Better (in descending order, from best down): CHI, ANA, CBJ, MIN, LAK, SJS, EDM. Worse (still descending, from bad to worse): DAL, STL, VAN, DET, PHX, CGY, COL, NAS. I added a couple of columns to the points-blown standings below. (If it’s not below, click on the points-blown link, either in this sentence, or in…

Jackets really really want to prove me wrong

More power to ‘em. It would be awesome if they made the playoffs. Even more awesome if they drew the Ducks.  But it’s still a long-shot. They’ve only got four games left. Both Detroit and Dallas have the tie-breaker edge. Dallas has two games in hand. Detroit has one. Much will be decided Thursday, which…

Big Night in the West

DAL@CHI — The Stars need to go 4-2-1 to get to 54 points. They are tied with the Jackets in official points, and are two points-blown ahead.  VAN@NAS — A Canucks loss would drop them into a points-blown tie with the Kings. The Kings and Canucks are already tied in official points. CBJ@COL — Colorado…

Post Game Bullets

Ok, Fox Sports dumbasses, the Kings did not “split” the season series with the Ducks. The Kings WON THE SEASON SERIES. Why? Because the Kings won 2, lost 1 and lost 1 in a shoot-out. That’s 2-1-1, 5 points for the Kings, 4 for the Ducks. Kings win by a point. Kings have won the…