Kings’ cap situation in 2013-14, compliance buy-outs – pt. 3

We discussed the Kings’ cap situation and possible buy-out candidates a few weeks ago in this post and this one. To summarize: The cap’s going down to $64.5 million.  Voynov, Martinez, Muzzin, Clifford, Lewis, Nolan, Loktionov and Bernier are RFA this summer. I’m nearly 100% sure Martinez, Muzzin, Lewis and Bernier all have arbitration rights.…

I love Dustin Penner

Just read the Mayor’s interview with him, in which he says (I am quoting from memory, so call it a paraphrase), we’re a team first organization and we just got our first win. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. What’s he referring to? Putting him back in the line-up. I thought he had a pretty good…

LAK 3, VAN 2 (SO) – Post-Game Bullets

With the win, the Kings climb up to .500 and grab 8th place in the official standings, or 7th in my idiosyncratic points-blown standings, which now have their own page. 5th through 12th place are separated by 2 points. It feels weird that the Kings only have 2 more games with each of VAN, CHI,…

Assorted Kings stats I find interesting

The Kings have spent the second least number of minutes at 5-on-5. They are 30 seconds ahead of the Oilers, who are last.  Kings lead the league in avg TOI 5-on-3, with 1.3 minutes per game. (They haven’t scored yet.) Kings are 26th in shots-for per 60 minutes of 5-on-4 ice-time. In other words, they…

EDM 2, LAK 1 (OT) — Post Game Bullets

Jarret Stoll — You’re not a rookie. Or a squirt. At least half of why anyone values you is your veteran leadership. What would be the one thing you should be thinking about during an on-the-fly line-change in over-time? Even if you weren’t called for too-many-men, what were you going to do with the puck,…

COL 3, LAK 1 — Post-Game Bullets (game 2)

  • Once again, the fourth line was best.
  • Kyle Clifford, Colin Fraser, Jordan Nolan — all +1.
  • Clifford, with a goal in the game and two assists in the opener, leads the team in points.
  • Nolan is second in points, with 2.
  • Scuderi, Martinez and Greene each have 1 point. Everyone else has 0.

Who ARE these guys? What do they WANT? [Preview #2 - COL]

Who are they? Colorado Avalanche What do they want? Make the playoffs. What is their ****ing problem? No injuries, but Ryan O’Reilly is still in the KHL. What, are we supposed to be scared? Since the Kings haven’t won yet, and are without Matt Greene and Willie Mitchell…yeah, a little. I thought we were friends! ex-Avs: Brad…

The logic of a third line that isn’t “defensive”

Every time I suggest that the Kings put someone like Oscar Moller, Andrei Loktionov, Tyler Toffoli, Teddy Purcell, Linden Vey, etc., on a so-called third line, I invariably get responses about how bad those players are defensively and how they would get crushed in match-ups against opponents’ top lines. Here’s the thing. Our third line…

Revisiting the 2013-14 question

We looked at the possibilities for next season a few weeks ago, before Hickey and Westgarth moved on, and before the cap for 2013-2014 was announced to be $64.3MM. This summer’s UFAs: Penner, Gagne, Scuderi, Drewiske, Richardson. Assuming that Penner and Gagne both leave and Scuderi is re-signed, there will still be the need to…

I think Simon Gagne might get dealt soon

And, no, I’m not reporting a rumor. I don’t know any rumors, and I don’t have sources anyway. So why am I saying such things? Here’s my reasoning: Gagne – Richards – Brown sucked Saturday. They were by far the worst line on the ice. This point in and of itself means nothing. Sutter was…

CHI 5, LAK 2 — Post-Game Bullets (game 1)

  • Fourth line, awesome. Scored both goals.
  • Kyle Clifford, Jordan Nolan, Colin Fraser, all +2.
  • Clifford, 2 assists, leads Kings in points.
  • Third line, fine.
  • Jarret Stoll, Dwight King and Trevor Lewis, all even +/-.
  • Lewis led the team with 4 shots.


“Kings to become first team to hold banner lowering ceremony after opener out of embarrassment.”

– Fear the Fin

Kings Banner Raising: ZZZZZ (honk) ZZZZZ (honk)

I want to separate (1) the Kings winning the cup from (2) the cup banner-raising ceremony. Because (1) is literally and without exaggeration a dream come true. And (2) is just a bunch of boring self-indulgence that I would have happily fast-forwarded through had I not been watching it live on NBC. I probably should…

Kings 2013 Season Preview: x = 12 – y – 41*(z-5)/48

x = 12 – y – (z-5)/2 That was my prediction for the Kings in 2011-12. Where x = conference seed, y = number of 20 goal scorers, z = number of shoot-out wins. Results rounded to the nearest counting number. How did my little predictive formula do? Let’s see. 20 goal scorers: 4 (Kopitar, Brown, Williams,…

Why did the Kings lose Thomas Hickey? I’ll tell you why

I was sad to see Thomas Hickey go this morning. In an alternate universe, it’s Hickey and not Alec Martinez or Slava Voynov playing in LA with his name on the Stanley Cup. Does that sound crazy? Consider that Hickey’s injuries early on are what kept him from getting his “cup of coffee” early on,…