WTF – Tuesday Bullets

Kings are still in 4th, officially, but… …are now in 6th in points-blown, tied with the Wild… …and three points-blown from 8th… …which means they’re just two losses from 9th place. The Stars are up by 2 in the season series, with one game left. That shouldn’t matter, because we had better not be tied…

Does the NHL have a “humor” department?

I know they don’t. Because that would be hilarious. Wait. No, I know they don’t. But I did find myself wondering for about 10 seconds.

AbeFroman1986 comments on Tenderfoot Tuesday: Ask /r/hockey Anything!

I actually work for the NHL in their “Humor” department and am doing a study to show that people actually like the NHL organization and have been doing this ever since I started posting. The pun guy and I are high fiving and then we’re going to go have a celebratory beer.

I wish there were an NHL Department of Humor. (1) It would explain so much. (2) I want to work there.

This week’s games that matter

Color-coded by each team’s specific dog-fight. Grey = above or below it all. Monday: PHX@VAN, EDM@ANA Tuesday: SJS@CBJ, STL@NAS, CHI@MIN, LAK@DAL Wednesday: PHX@EDM, VAN@COL Thursday: SJS@DET, STL@MIN, COL@LAK Friday: STL@CBJ, DAL@NAS, DET@CHI, PHX@CGY Saturday: CBJ@MIN, SJS@DAL, CGY@EDM, ANA@LAK, VAN@COL Sunday: CHI@STL, DET@NAS  PHX and EDM are an interesting case this week. They are separated by…

Spring 3-on-3 league

If you are reading this, it’s because I published a post with this title by accident, and have withdrawn it. I’m sorry for the inconvenience. Mostly I’m embarrassed. Meanwhile, why not check out the revamped and/or updated Points Blown and Reserve List pages? The Philly West page has some pretty logos now, and the Lombardi Trade…

Sunday nightcap: The Good, The Bad…

THE GOOD: Kings half-win, Sharks half-lose, Jackets lose, Preds lose. THE BAD: Ducks win, Blues win, Wild wins, Stars win, Stars handing out Bettman points. Kings drop into a three-way points-blown tie with the Blues and Wild, one PB behind the Sharks.  Nashville’s loss today more or less dooms them. If they finish 8-0-0 they…

Saturday nightcap

Kings win the season series vs the Oilers Kings are 4th in the official standings… …but still 5th in points-blown. Calgary lost tonight. The best they can do is 52 points, if they win out 11-0-0. The Preds lost, also. 8-1-0 gets them to 54 points. So they’re all but done. If Detroit holds it…

Monday morning bullets: playoffs, points-blown, rookie stats

Points-Blown page is updated, and shows: Columbus is much worse off than the official standings (and pundits) would have you believe. St. Louis is better off than the official standings say. This has mostly to do with the fact that Columbus has only 12 games left, and St. Louis has 15. Everyone else who is…

Friday Night: Playoff Hopes in the West

  • Points-Blown standings are freshly updated.
  • Everyone has either 14 or 15 games left, except for CBJ, which has 13.
  • The Kings have 15.
  • 54 points still appears to be the playoff threshold. At that point, the odds are 90% or better for nearly everyone in the West.
  • At 53, odds drop to roughly 75% for everyone.
  • At 52, it’s 50%.
  • At 51, slim to none.

Schedule weirdness in the West

The Ducks have a three game series with the Stars next week (yes, three games, Monday, Wednesday, Friday). The Black Hawks play three of their next four and four of their next nine games against Nashville. Starting this weekend, Colorado alternates between playing Nashville and Detroit for four games. Eight of Columbus’s remaining 15 games…

Kings Beat Hawks – Points-Blown update

The Kings are done with the Hawks this (regular) season. The Hawks won 2 and the Kings won 1. Which of course means, the season series goes to: …no-one. It’s tied. Because the first game in Chicago didn’t count toward the tie-breaker. The Points-Blown standings have been updated. The Kings are four official points ahead…

Iginla approves Kings as trade destination…and? So?

I don’t even know where Jarome Iginla is supposed to fit on the Kings. Third line center? And for that, a rental, we’re supposed to give up — what — our best goalie this season? That would be stupid. A top prospect? Not Tyler Toffoli. A top-four defenseman? That’s not going to happen; we’re thin enough as it is.

Seriously, what is the offer “too good to refuse” for Lombardi? Hey, I’ve got it, and I’m serious, too:

Canucks: Pre-Game Quickie

Kings and Canucks are tied in points, points-blown, and win-percentage. Kings have 16 ROWs; Canucks have 12. ROWs is the first tie-breaker. Canucks are ahead in the season series by 2 points. Today is the final game in the series. The Kings can neutralize that tie-breaker with a regulation win. The Kings won the first…

54 Points, and Who’s Doomed by Points-Blown

  • Even having lowered my presumed playoff threshold to 54 points, there are several teams now on the verge of oblivion.
  • I indicate those teams in the points-blown standings with the color red.
  • They are PHX, NAS, CBJ and COL. And DAL and EDM are ready to join them.
  • The column to consider is the one labeled “to 54,” which shows the record needed for each team to get to 54 points.
  • The Kings need a record of 8-9-2.

Sunday: Points-blown and other stats

  • Last season, with 21 games left, the Kings were in 10th place, with a record of 27-22-12. Anaheim was 13th (26-25-10). Detroit was 1st (41-18-3).
  • Chicago leads the conference in regulation wins, with 15. The Kings and Ducks are second, with 14 each.
  • A glaring difference between Chicago and Anaheim, on one hand, and the Kings, on the other, is that Chicago and Anaheim have lost 2 and 3 games (respectively) in regulation, while the Kings have lost 10. And:
  • Chicago and Anaheim have played 11 and 10 OT/SO games (respectively), while the Kings have played 3.
  • The Kings have played more games that have ended in a regulation win or loss (24) than anyone else in the West. The average is 19.
  • Points-earned in OT/SO: Chicago, 19; Anaheim, 16; Kings, 4.

Kings’ prospect Michael Schumacher has 3 point night

19 year-old LW Michael Schumacher (6’5″, 210 lbs) has 19 goals and 30 assists this year in Sioux St. Marie. He’s got another year of juniors eligibility. Schumacher scores twice as Greyhounds down Rangers – Times Colonist Michael Schumacher scored twice and set up one more as the Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds defeated the visiting…