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Yes, the NHL is a banana republic

If you ask for remedies to fix a broken economy, and get everything you want (2004), and then revenues explode to historic levels of more than $3 billion, and you say YOUR ECONOMY IS STILL BROKEN, then — well — YOU SUCK AT YOUR JOB. Or you’re a thief (see kleptocracy, below).

Which players got screwed the most by the two lock-outs?

The 2004-2005 lock-out took a year out of the careers of a generation of players. Now, the 2012-13 lock-out is robbing a second group, and it’s doing it to some people for the second time. Some players — Mike Cammalleri, Dustin Brown, come to mind — may even have benefitted from playing an entire season…

February 2, 1993: Gary Bettman’s first day on the job

Bettman’s legacy of expansion into non-traditional markets is responsible for the current lock-out. Without the political support of those same franchises — one of which is owned by the NHL — we would be watching NHL hockey now.

Shorter me: the Bettman experiment has blown up in his face. And this is what that looks like.

Maybe I just need a little space right now

When I was a kid, from the moment I learned there was such a thing as hockey until the day I left for college and no longer had a TV, I lived and breathed hockey. Whatever hockey was available, I consumed it, whether it was NBC’s weekly game, or HNIC when cable TV was invented…

You know what? **** it. I’m enjoying the new (no) NHL

It’s like they just added more hours to the day, and several thousand dollars to my bank account. And I’m not missing anything, so I don’t feel bad. You guys just take your time, whatever you “need,” to solve your “problems,” and send me an email when you’re ready. Don’t give me some half-assed half…


Does the fact that the team owned by the NHL is beginning to lay people off worry anyone else? See you in October 2013 NHL.” — Chemmy on Twitter


Bettman and Jacobs vs. the World?

Kypreos on NHL: The silent majority – sportsnet.ca I find it so ironic that eight years after the last lockout, the course of events that eventually sunk former NHLPA executive director Bob Goodenow might very well affect Gary Bettman in the same way. Back in 2004, Goodenow’s small executive board shared only the negotiation information…

Dwight King waiver issue clarified

Niesy left this comment in the Dwight King post of a couple of weeks ago: OK, I did some searching and apparently other NHL clubs have been sending non-waiver-exempt players down to the AHL for a while. It seems to be a safe move so long as the player was listed on the AHL club’s…

How is Dwight King going to avoid waivers?

Mayor’s Manor reports that Dwight King has “signed a minor league contract” and is going to play in Manchester. I assume more details are forthcoming. All of the Kings’ waiver-exempt players (Andrei Loktionov, Jordan Nolan, Slava Voynov) were loaned to Manchester before the September 15 lock-out date, per a special agreement between the NHL and…