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Who will still be on the Kings in 2013-14?

2013-14, that’s this fall, by the way. The NHL and NHLPA have apparently agreed to allow 2 buy-outs per club for 2013-14. That’s two buy-outs that will not count against the cap. The point is to make it easier for teams to get below the presumed $60 million cap ceiling. I don’t know what other…

I Don’t Care How You’re Doing in Europe

I derive great satisfaction from following prospects, especially Kings’ prospects, playing in other leagues. But it turns out I don’t care at all how established NHL players are doing while playing in other leagues. Aside from an over-riding concern that everyone stays healthy for that distant day when the NHL returns, I don’t have an…

Which players got screwed the most by the two lock-outs?

The 2004-2005 lock-out took a year out of the careers of a generation of players. Now, the 2012-13 lock-out is robbing a second group, and it’s doing it to some people for the second time. Some players — Mike Cammalleri, Dustin Brown, come to mind — may even have benefitted from playing an entire season…

How is Dwight King going to avoid waivers?

Mayor’s Manor reports that Dwight King has “signed a minor league contract” and is going to play in Manchester. I assume more details are forthcoming. All of the Kings’ waiver-exempt players (Andrei Loktionov, Jordan Nolan, Slava Voynov) were loaned to Manchester before the September 15 lock-out date, per a special agreement between the NHL and…

The Cup, Names, Petitions, since the lock-out [CHART FUN]

[I wrote a more exhaustive post on this topic in 2013, The History of Cup-Winning Teams and Their Petitions, which covers the criteria for inclusion over the years, and how teams have chosen to petition — or not — the league on behalf of players who don’t qualify.] Yesterday, we learned that the Kings did…

Still no Voynov; Monarchs Camp Day 1

New Hampshire Union Leader: Monarchs Roster Takes Shape

[…] Nolan and Loktionov arrived in town this past week to report to Monarchs training camp. Voynov, however, did not and his status remains a mystery.

It was rumored that Loktionov might opt to go play back home in the KHL in Russia and that could be where Voynov ends up. But for now, the 22-year-old Loktionov, who played in 39 NHL regular season games and two playoff games, is here and he wants to play hockey.

“Here, I just I need to play my best game,” Loktionov said. “I played 30 games. I think it’s good for me to take it step-by-step, one game, then 20 games, then 40 games. Hopefully I will play this year a full season.”

Horrible News (and why am I not surprised?)

The day started with joy at the sight of Andrei Loktionov’s name on the cup, which turned out to be a Photoshop, and ended with the news that Andrei Loktionov will ask for a trade when the Lock-Out is over. Way to manage your assets, Kings Brain Trust.  

Do the Right Thing, Dean! (part two)

So, today the HHOF released the first picture of the Kings’ names engraved on the Stanley Cup. Imagine my ecstasy when I saw that the picture did indeed include the name of Andrei Loktionov! There it was, tacked onto the end of the last row, the only player’s name to be out of alphabetical order,…