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February 2, 1993: Gary Bettman’s first day on the job

Bettman’s legacy of expansion into non-traditional markets is responsible for the current lock-out. Without the political support of those same franchises — one of which is owned by the NHL — we would be watching NHL hockey now.

Shorter me: the Bettman experiment has blown up in his face. And this is what that looks like.

The History of 50 Goal Scorers After Age 26

Before you read this post, I want you to play the following thought experiment. We’ve all heard the various hypothetical/rumored long-term deals bandied about for Ilya Kovalchuk, everything from a (now considered shortish) seven years to an unimaginable 15 years. It’s generally assumed that any deal cap-friendly enough for the Kings (or Devils) would have to be in the…

From TSN: Tavares or Hedman? Remember “Daigle or Pronger?”

Well if the year was 1993, the Ottawa Senators would select slick centre Alexandre Daigle and leave stalwart defenceman Chris Pronger for the Hartford Whalers. In some cases, having the second overall pick can work out pretty well. The New York Islanders have a similar decision to make heading into Friday’s first round of the NHL Entry…

2009 NHL Mock Draft 1.0 | Bleacher Report

1. The New York Islanders will select John Tavares of the London Knights This is a no brainer pick. John Tavares is easily the best forward in this draft and has been compared to the likes of Wayne Gretzky. With absolutely no offensive talents on this team outside the likes of Kyle Okposo, Tavares will…