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Macleans defends fighting, issues challenge, I accept

Maclean’s is a highly-respected Canadian news magazine (a weekly, I think). It’s older than the NHL, and almost older than ice hockey. This week, they published an article on fighting in hockey, by a writer named Colby Cosh. I encourage everybody to read the whole thing (follow the link below). The real danger in hockey: Colby Cosh…

Ellen Etchingham, theory_of_ice, MUST READ [CAM JANSSEN CONTENT]

If Janssen’s shit actually worked the way he described, the Devils would be playing him fifteen minutes a night on the top line so he could terrify opposing forwards into coughing the puck up for Kovalchuk. Instead, they don’t dress him for half the regular season and not even one playoff game, and when they do let him play, they give him only five of the very softest minutes against the easiest opposition. Cam Janssen plays the tenderest, juiciest minutes in the game and he still gets roundly crushed in more or less every available metric, including fights […]. You know what that means? It means Cam Janssen can’t scare anyone out of anything. […] The only people who are really intimidated are the Devils’ coaching staff, who are patently scared to have Janssen on the ice in any game or situation that actually matters.

Shoulder pads don’t have to be weapons

With regard to dangerous hits, we often hear that “respect” has gone out of the game. I doubt it. It’s the risk of injury for the checker that’s gone out of the game. And — for some reason — it’s easier to get players to respect (read: protect) themselves than it is to get them to respect their opponents.

Note to Bernie Miklasz: Your Hysteria is Irresponsible

Hey, dumbass:

If Pietrangelo plays, he’s not vulnerable, because he doesn’t have and never did have a concussion. We know this because if he did have a concussion and the Blues skirted the protocol to allow him to play when he could be permanently disabled by a second injury — then it would be the Blues (not the Kings) who have no moral compass.

Concussions: What the hell can we do about this?

Andrew Sullivan: Is Big Football the next Big Tobacco?

Leading with the helmet is not the primary reason there has been a rise in a recognition of concussions and their long-term effects.  Helmets are not designed to prevent concussions. They’re designed to prevent skull fractures. Concussions are the result of a brain injury that happens from “inside-out” – the brain impacting against the inside of the skull as the player’s head suddenly stops. No helmet technology will ever prevent that.

Nasty series predicted by STL Today

STL Today: Blues vs. Kings: A ‘nasty’ series is forecast  The last time the Blues and Los Angeles Kings met, on March 22, the score was 0-0 through overtime and had to be decided in a shootout. […] What the upcoming Blues-Los Angeles Western Conference semifinal series might lack in scoring, […] the teams will…

Torres hit: really? 25 games?

I don’t like Raffi Torres. I think he tries to hurt people. And checks like he so often delivers are exactly the kind that need to be eliminated from hockey. But I can’t say the 25-game suspension handed down by the league for the hit on Marian Hossa makes a whole lot of sense to…

Playoffs: 2010 Canucks vs. 2012 Canucks

It’s two years later and the Kings are playing the Vancouver Canucks in the first round of the playoffs again. Let’s take a look at how the Canucks have changed since we faced them in 2010. RETURNING: Henrik Sedin Daniel Sedin (UPDATE: he’s out with a concussion) Ryan Kesler Alexandre Burrows Mason Raymond Alexander Edler…

The League’s Case against Kovalchuk

According to infallible Twitter, the next chapter in the serial blockbuster known as Kovalchuk Month begins tomorrow, with day one of the hearing. There has obviously been a lot of chatter in the Kovalchukosphere about the NHLPA’s supposedly slam dunk case, Bettman’s vendetta against the Devils, the league not having a leg to stand on, the…