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Shorter Darren Dreger vs. Allan Walsh

DREGER: NHL makes major concession to players! Be optimistic!

WALSH: Maybe it would be better to wait for the details. Be pessimistic!

DREGER: Details, shmeetails! This is breaking news!

WALSH: It’s not news. It’s propaganda.

DREGER: What’s the difference?

Darren Dreger (DarrenDreger) on Twitter

Tor, Philly, Minny and LA closing in on Ryane Clowe. SJ still trying to sign him. Makes sense. Ko, Mo, Fro, Bro, O’D, Jo, Dough, Sto — CLOWE. [I didn’t mention Mo(ulson), Bo(yle), Jo(nes), Ro(e), Lo(ktionov), Ho(lloway).] Also, Go(tee-ay). Naturally, this is why they want Ho(ssa). via Darren Dreger (DarrenDreger) on Twitter.  

Bozo Weighs in @ Oilers Nation

From commenter Bozo [who is not me]: All I’m saying is, not naming your sources is one thing but making a claim that’s so wishy washy that it could never be shown to be wrong is bad form. It makes Dreger look like he’s guilty even if he isn’t. And it makes me a little…

OilersNation.com: some Bozo blogger thinks Darren Dreger of TSN might be pulling NHL trade rumours out of his *ss and making things up

So, some Bozo blogger thinks Darren Dreger of TSN might be pulling NHL trade rumours out of his ass and making things up, eh? Dreger’s inquisitor on a website known as Kings Kool-Aid calls himself “qwisp,” which may or may not be a version of his real name. That doesn’t matter, even though the thought of…

Edmonton Journal: Darren Dreger Crucified

Reporting trade rumours is the crack cocaine of hockey writers. It’s sure to bring in traffic, so it’s highly addictive, but it doesn’t always do much for the credibility of the rumour-monger, as Darren Dreger has just been told in no uncertain terms by an angry but clever L.A. Kings blogger. Me, I wouldn’t be…

It is Believed that Darren Dreger at TSN May Have Been Among Those Mentioned as Someone Who Possibly Could Be Pulling S*** Out of His *ss

Here’s the text of Dreger’s recent “report” with my comments/interpretation: via TSN : The conversations surrounding Tampa Bay Lightning forward Vincent Lecavalier are likely to heat up as we get closer to July 1, when the no-trade clause on his contract kicks in. TRANSLATION: something will happen in the future, but is not happening now. The two…