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“Destiny? What IS that?” –DS


Note to Bernie Miklasz: Your Hysteria is Irresponsible

Hey, dumbass:

If Pietrangelo plays, he’s not vulnerable, because he doesn’t have and never did have a concussion. We know this because if he did have a concussion and the Blues skirted the protocol to allow him to play when he could be permanently disabled by a second injury — then it would be the Blues (not the Kings) who have no moral compass.


In the spirit of friendship, and because this whole thing is probably about to go to hell in a hand-basket, and because Chuck Berry is from St. Louis and Chuck Berry is Rock and Roll, I thought I would lend a hand in completing the guide to Kings hating put together by SB Nation’s St.…

Darryl Sutter vs. Yogi Berra

I think the toughest part of winning, when you have four-out-of-seven (series), is the first game. Then the second game gets tougher. Then the third game gets tougher. Then the fourth game gets tougher. via Sutter postgame quotes (April 15) « LA Kings Insider. The first game is the toughest, until the second game? I’m…

Why does this headline bug me?

“Kings Must Face Best after Blowing Lead” That’s the headline of Lisa Dillman’s article tonight. I think it bugs me because “the best” was not determined until a few minutes before it was determined who the best would be playing. St. Louis could easily have turned out to be “the best.” So it’s Vancouver. Oh…