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2013 Kings’ opening night line-up?

The 2013 season starts in 10-14 days. Camp starts in less than a week, I suppose. Anze Kopitar and Willie Mitchell sound like they’re out with knee injuries for at least a few weeks. Tyler Toffoli has been tearing up the AHL. Jonathan Quick either has just been cleared to play (surgery, remember?) or is…

Who will still be on the Kings in 2013-14?

2013-14, that’s this fall, by the way. The NHL and NHLPA have apparently agreed to allow 2 buy-outs per club for 2013-14. That’s two buy-outs that will not count against the cap. The point is to make it easier for teams to get below the presumed $60 million cap ceiling. I don’t know what other…


Back when Doughty was holding out, I made a spreadsheet — unpublished until now — projecting the growth of his retirement nest egg until Doughty’s ultimate retirement from the NHL at age 100, his consciousness long since having been uploaded into a robot. Here is that spreadsheet:

AUDIO: Doughty Laughs


Found: my first comments

I’ve been strolling down memory lane, in the form of the archives of Rich Hammond’s first Kings blog, Inside the Kings. I believe I found my first three comments on the blog, which are interesting (if only to me) because of how naively optimistic I was about the 2007-08 season, and because of how different…

What leverage do the players have?

Owners would nuke the playoffs again (and they don’t care) – Niesy at Jewels From The Crown […] This labor dispute will be decided by the owners. It will be over when they want it to be over. This is not a give-and-take negotiation between two sides. This is about how much more the men…

Why I prefer to just say no to Doan

Going into next season with the roster intact (which, by the way, is some kind of miracle) is a silver lining inside a cloud no-one is talking about yet. The conventional wisdom is that a huge contributing factor to Stanley Cup hangover is the fact that the team has just played 100+ games compared to most teams’ 82, and have had only a few weeks to recover, compared to half a year. Players are banged up. Old players, exponentially so.