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LA Kings Draft History

Every player and pick in LA Kings draft history. Sort by draft position, round, goals, assists. Doughty, Hickey, Schenn, Quick, Brown, Kopitar (more)

LA Kings Reserve List

The LA Kings Reserve List shows every player / prospect. Sort by cap hit, draft, contract status, age. Also: 50 Contract Limit explanation, roster rules.

LA Kings Depth Chart

This LA Kings Depth Chart shows you every player on the reserve list, by position and league: NHL, AHL, ECHL, OHL, WHL, QMJHL, NCAA and Europe.

Mulligan: Kings 2011-12 Season Preview

Well, it’s been a weird, long off-season. The Kings staggered through their 33 game exhibition schedule, finishing up with a mediocre record of 15-14-4. Drew Doughty is signed and looks to be in game shape just in time for the season to begin. New-comers Mike Richards and Simon Gagne found some pre-season chemistry with Anze…

Los Angeles Kings 2011-12 Season Preview

It’s that time. Game #1 is three days away (at 10am on a Friday, but I’ll take it). Now that Drew Doughty has signed, the roster is more or less set. The fanbase — if the internet contingent is any indicator — is somewhere between gleeful and giddy. Fans of other teams are reverse-trolling us…

Iain MacIntyre pronounces Kings dead

I don’t know Iain MacIntyre, never heard of him, though for all I know I’ve read him and just never looked at the by-line until I had to, to see who wrote this remarkable column on the Kings/Canucks series. So if he’s some kind of national treasure, I preemptively grovel in mortification. (In the sense…

Kovalchuk Musings with tons of self-serving disclaimers

The first of which is, I don’t really know if I think Kovalchuk fits in the Terry Murray system, and beyond that, I don’t know how much I care. But it’s possible he might not fit and I might care a lot. Don’t know. Second disclaimer: you might think that Kovalchuk at a $6MM cap…

Kings First Semester Grades

[NOTE: Player grades are, first of all, capricious, pretentious and stupid; second, players are graded against themselves, not against each other; i.e. a knuckle-dragger A+ doesn’t mean he’s better than a superstar with a C] Smyth: Transformed Kopitar, exceeded all expectations, then got hurt, and Kopitar turned into last year’s model. A Simmonds: After stunning…