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Holland’s hands tied in Detroit

Via The Edmonton Journal: Detroit Red Wings GM Ken Holland knows that trying to sign Marian Hossa and Johan Franzen is like trying to stuff a set of golf clubs into a carry-on, but there are ways to do it. What if he traded forward Valtteri Filppula, which would take $3 million off the books? This…

Do the Kings have an unhealthy attraction to Philly castoffs?

It has been noted that DL and TM appear to have a preference for personnel who have some kind of Flyers affiliation. The usual evidence cited is Denis Gauthier, Ron Hextall, Terry Murray, Kyle Calder, Handzus and (now) Justin Williams. Without knowing the answer beforehand, it occurred to me to look at the Kings’ roster…

Edmonton Journal: Hossa? No, sir!

There was never any firm dollar offer on the table, though the Oil’s bidding apparently started at $9 million a year, and could perhaps have gone as high as $100 million over a suitable long, long term. When Hossa first heard of the Oil’s interest, he had little interest himself, as the Oil haven’t exactly…

Kings Lead the League in Scoring

Wrong league though. An article about Jagr possibly playing for Edmonton next year linked to the scoring stats for the KHL (link below). Jagr finished 7th in scoring, a couple of points ahead of Era Pirnes, and five points behind (5th overall) Kevin Dallman. Dallman leads all defensemen in points, and by a mile. Meanwhile,…

Pro Hockey coming back to L.A.?

I’m not holding my breath. Still mad about the whole Monarchs fiasco.

LA Times, 3/27/59


Transfer of franchise in Western League discussed with Coliseum Commission

by Charles Curtis

Growth of the Western Hockey League, which is currently seeking to expand to Los Angeles and San Francisco, into a major league capable of rivaling the long-entrenched National Hockey League, was envisioned yesterday by WHL president Al Leader.