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Matt Gilroy, the highly regarded Boston University senior defenseman who will become an uncapped free agent the moment his Terriers either win the NCAA title or are eliminated from the tournament, likely will become an early indicator on whether the uncertain NHL economy will depress the summer market. via New York Post.  

Edmonton Journal: Hossa? No, sir!

There was never any firm dollar offer on the table, though the Oil’s bidding apparently started at $9 million a year, and could perhaps have gone as high as $100 million over a suitable long, long term. When Hossa first heard of the Oil’s interest, he had little interest himself, as the Oil haven’t exactly…

Ken Holland on Hossa, Franzen

Holland: “It’s about team building, it’s about our philosophy. We can keep Franzen and Hossa, but then we’ll have to let a whole lot of other players go. I don’t know if that’s the answer to being competitive. But if I can get a number that I think allows us to have one extra player,…

Komisarek: $6MM+

“…if Komisarek can’t come to terms on a contract extension prior to July 1, the asking price for the league’s premier available shutdown defenseman will assuredly skyrocket to the $6 million per season rate and beyond.” via The Hockey News: Canadiens face tough UFA decisions.