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“They just want the money”

Have the players done their own math? Are they really willing to give up 50% of this year’s salary in order to save 7% of that same salary over the next several (7? 8?) years. That’s obviously a wash.

I guess I would be optimistic if I thought they had run the numbers and could see that they will make the most money by taking the deal now and not getting locked out.

Who does Bettman represent, besides himself?

If it turns out to be true that the real battle in this CBA negotiation is not between the owners and the players, but between the big owners and the small owners, then there’s the additional question of who exactly Bettman is representing. The league in its current incarnation, the post-Gretzky expansion into new markets, is entirely Bettman’s vision.

Lombardi takes elevator to the top – ESPN Los Angeles

The Los Angeles Kings had just clinched their first Stanley Cup title in franchise history, and general manager Dean Lombardi, in his sixth season at the helm, was rushing from the press box inside Staples Center to the arena floor, hoping to reach the ice in time for the Cup presentation by NHL commissioner Gary Bettman.

From Tom Benjamin’s NHL Blog: Bettman’s Nightmare

This a Tom Benjamin post from February, so factor in personnel changes etc. since then. Revenues would have to fall by about 15% to get to a $46 MM salary cap, so this may be a very pessimistic view. Nevertheless, if it happens, the NHL is screwed. The Leafs are in good shape but many teams…

From Mirtle: More on the Salary Cap

In a general sense, a flat cap indicates flat revenues, although the 5-per-cent inflator we’ve heard so much about lately does tweak those results by about $2-million either way. Commissioner Gary Bettman asked the players to not use the inflator last season, but they disagreed and bumped the cap up to $56.7-million, which resulted in…

Via Habslegends: Ralph Backstrom and the Super Street Skate

After 13 seasons and 6 Stanley Cup championships in Montreal, Backstrom went to GM Sam Pollock and requested a trade in 1970. The Habs sent Backstrom to Los Angeles, one of his requested destinations, in exchange for Gord Labossiere and Ray Fortin. “It was very refreshing for me to play in Los Angeles. It was…

KuklasKorner : Abel to Yzerman : Gary’s Wallpaper

Fascinating, must-read: We’re going to say this one more time and I’m going to make it as clear as I can.  No one here has claimed a “conspiracy.” No one has said Gary Bettman orchestrated a Pens Cup.  It’s not Gary Bettman’s fault that Hal Gill accrued a grand total of 2 penalty minutes over…