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I guess Dean Lombardi was right about Justin Williams

The Justin Williams trade is, sort of, the reason I started blogging. In the wake of the Williams/O’Sullivan deadline deal — and the ensuing fire-storm in the Inside the Kings comments section, I really wanted a poll on whether commenter celebre Anthony [who?] was right about the Williams trade (hint: he wasn’t). The result was the blog Kings Kool…

Is signing Jarret Stoll a “must-do”?

If you’re comparing Stoll to Loktionov, don’t forget that Loktionov is going to get older and better, while Stoll is going to get older and worse. I don’t think Loktionov is going to have too much trouble scoring 20+ goals a year, once he starts getting a regular shift. Do you want to see him do that on another team?

Helene Elliott Talks to Wayne Gretzky About the Kings’ Run

LAT (Helene Elliott) – Watching Kings’ Run Has Been Great for Gretzky […] “It’s been unreal what they’ve done and what they’ve accomplished so far,” Wayne Gretzky said Wednesday. “It’s been unreal for the organization and it’s been great for hockey in California and L.A. We live in L.A., so we’re seeing it first-hand how…


Remember how the Kings used to blow those big leads going into the third? Those days are over. OVER! Remember when the Kings would score a goal only to give one up ten seconds later? Or give up a goal and then give up another one right away, just to make their hole a little deeper? NO MORE! Remember when the Kings would freak out at home like kindergarteners at the school play? Distant, fondly-recalled memories of our youth!

POKEGATE: there’s a rule against that

The headline of Lisa Dillman’s LA Times article is “Ryane Clowe sticks it to the Kings, but did he break any rules?” I don’t know if Lisa Dillman is responsible for her own headlines (since that was — at least in the old days — the responsibility of the editors) but if that’s a real…

Kings Hive Mind

Kings Hive Mind brings together the feeds of the best of the LA Kings blogs, under one roof. I made it for myself, actually. But it’s nice to share.

From Helene Elliott: Kings and Ilya Kovalchuk?

The Kings need a pure scorer who could make a difference in the one-goal games they’ve recently lost and solidify their playoff ambitions. Atlanta left wing Ilya Kovalchuk, a two-time 50-goal scorer who can become a free agent July 1, has a $6.4-million salary cap hit that would be prorated according to the number of…