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God to Shane Doan

“You can stand up for your teammates but at a certain point elbowing people and jumping onto their heads just makes you a dick.” — God, to Shane Doan  

Lisa Dillman (LA Times) article on Dean Lombardi

Lombardi is used to getting teased about his lengthy meetings with players in his office.

“I enjoy that part of the job,” he said. “Maybe it’s like my wife said, because we don’t have kids, you think you’ve got 20 at the rink. Other than winning, the second-best part of the job is watching these guys be the best they can, watching them grow up.

“Watching them make mistakes on and off the ice. But then watching them hug each other when they have success is the best part of this job.”

Stop Fucking With Me

Sharks coach said this to Rich Hammond: If your mindset isn’t prepared to play against an elite team in the National Hockey League… And in case you assume (as any sane person would) the elite team he’s talking about is the Sharks: no, HE’S TALKING ABOUT THE KINGS. As much as I would like to…

If Only Reason Were Here/Puck Off/Slogans are Stupid

Like an ass, I quote my own comment from someone else’s excellent blog. It’s a terrible slogan, or tag-line or motto or whatever it’s supposed to be. I actually don’t think sports teams should have slogans. It’s so “advertising department.” I think it’s funny, given that they obviously pay people money to come up with…

Matthew Barry – Will Jarret Stoll Be Ready To Start the Season?

From Matthew Barry: In an interview with Team 1260 this afternoon, Kings centerman and faceoff specialist Stoll admitted he had arthritis in his knee, wrist and elbows (at the tender age of 27), to the point where he couldn’t move. He’s currently under medication and plans to be ready for the start of the season…