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Remember how the Kings used to blow those big leads going into the third? Those days are over. OVER! Remember when the Kings would score a goal only to give one up ten seconds later? Or give up a goal and then give up another one right away, just to make their hole a little deeper? NO MORE! Remember when the Kings would freak out at home like kindergarteners at the school play? Distant, fondly-recalled memories of our youth!

Does Dwight King deserve a suspension for boarding Pietrangelo?

As I’m writing this, I’m watching the live #LAKings Twitter feed scroll by on the right margin of this site, and with each passing tweet the over-blown outrageous blood-lust of Blues fans is pissing me off more and more. “Let’s take out Brown. **** it.” “All the good the league did by suspending Torres is undone by not suspending King.” “Immediately disqualify cheap shot artist King.” Etc.

Playoff Roundelay: Kings East and Flyers West both up 3-0

And neither series is over, of course, but the dream of a Kings-Flyers cup final, as ridiculously premature that is even to speak out loud, lives to fight another day. I’ll say it again: Kings Flyers Cup Final I’m not saying because I think it’s going to happen. What am I, an idiot? I’m saying…

Apparently, Ryane Clowe is some kind of evil genius

I refer of course to Ryane Clowe’s somewhat — er — controversial poke check from the bench during the Kings’ late third period power play in tonight’s game (which is actually still happening). The reason I don’t think he’s just a moron (he may be a moron, but as far as this action is concerned),…

The League’s Case against Kovalchuk

According to infallible Twitter, the next chapter in the serial blockbuster known as Kovalchuk Month begins tomorrow, with day one of the hearing. There has obviously been a lot of chatter in the Kovalchukosphere about the NHLPA’s supposedly slam dunk case, Bettman’s vendetta against the Devils, the league not having a leg to stand on, the…

In Lou We Trust vs. the CBA

SBN blog “In Lou We Trust” has a post up describing its case defending the legitimacy of the Kovalchuk contract. They are understandably pretty upset over there. However, there are a few points in his post that are inaccurate or misleading. The NHL-Rejected Ilya Kovalchuk Contract with the New Jersey Devils & Article 50 of…

Kings First Semester Grades

[NOTE: Player grades are, first of all, capricious, pretentious and stupid; second, players are graded against themselves, not against each other; i.e. a knuckle-dragger A+ doesn’t mean he’s better than a superstar with a C] Smyth: Transformed Kopitar, exceeded all expectations, then got hurt, and Kopitar turned into last year’s model. A Simmonds: After stunning…

Goalie Season

I think this is an accident: On the other hand, this guy meant to do it: And notice that in both cases, the idiot takes a second swipe at the crossbar, like that’s what he really meant to do.