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KINGS 2, Devils 1 (OT) – SCF Game 1 Real-Time Bullets

And we’re off…

  • Yes, suddenly Lewis is 6’4″ and menacing. No, Mike, that was Dwight King.
  • I wonder if we can go the whole game without hearing “regathers.”
  • I would like to keep it to under 10 incidences of “knifes” as a verb.
  • I guess Eddie Olczyk never really watched the Terry Murray Kings. I think he just said that Sutter taught the Kings to defend.

Pux in the City?

Anything’s better than Mike Emerick’s knifing and regathering. The CBC is planning some counter-programming for female non-hockey fans who might be forced to tune into the Stanley Cup final next week. Viewers can go online to listen to an alternate commentary from Lena Sutherland and Jules Mancuso, who run WhileTheMenWatch.com. They describe their site as…

Blog regathers Mike Emerick

…budged, cracked, curled, dented, edged, fed, finessed, filtered, fired, fleshed, flexed, flipped, floated, flopped, forced, glassed, guided, hoisted, hooked, jabbed, jai-alai’ed, knifed, laid, lasered, lassoed, layered, led, lifted, lobbed, looped, nubbed, nudged, pitchforked, punched, pushed, rifled, rolled, rubbed, rushed, sashayed, scorched, shaken, shoved, shuffled, shunted, skittered, skyhooked, slipped, sped along, spun, squeezed, squibbed, squibbled, stabbed,…