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Mirroring, eh?

Right. The defenseman “skates the same route” as a forward, only before the forward actually does it? I think that’s called establishing position. The defenseman is occupying the most valuable real estate: the direct path to the puck. The forward is free to skate around the defenseman and his clever “mirroring.”

Kerry Fraser (and me) on those horrible divers

(1) yes, it’s true, Brown suckers people into taking penalties and one of his techniques is to hit someone and then go down easy when the player retaliates; (2) the key here is “WHEN THE PLAYER RETALIATES.” If you don’t want the penalty, don’t retaliate.

POKEGATE: there’s a rule against that

The headline of Lisa Dillman’s LA Times article is “Ryane Clowe sticks it to the Kings, but did he break any rules?” I don’t know if Lisa Dillman is responsible for her own headlines (since that was — at least in the old days — the responsibility of the editors) but if that’s a real…

Kings’ time-warping powers certainly render them unstoppable

By now you’ve all read or heard about the magical clock at Staples Center. What shocks me is that no-one has identified the (in my opinion, quite obvious) culprit. Quick: “It’s no secret that I have mind control.” – Jewels From The Crown It had been suspected Jonathan Quick had supernatural powers after his inexplicable…

What the Rules Actually Say About Charging and Boarding

Of interest is what the OHL rule book says about boarding (which it borrows word-for-word from the NHL rule book): A boarding penalty shall be imposed on any player or goalkeeper who checks an opponent in such a manner that causes the opponent to be thrown violently in the boards. The severity of the penalty,…