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Post-game/pre-game whatever bullets

  • Jeff Carter, with his 17th goal in 23 games, is on a 60 goal pace for a normal 82 game season.
  • The Kings’ victory over the Flames doesn’t count in the season series tie-breaker.
  • Tomorrow’s game counts. The Kings are up 2 points on the Flames in the season series, and this is the last game between the two teams this regular season.
  • The Kings are still 3rd in points-blown, and 5th in the official standings.
  • The Flames have dropped to the bottom of the official standings, but in points-blown they’re 12th, and Columbus, despite their recent success, is still 15th.
  • No-one has played as few games as the Kings and Flames, with 23.

Carter-mania! Post-game bullets

Last night, Jeff Carter scored maybe the most sheepish hat-trick I’ve ever seen. With 14 goals in 20 games, Carter is on pace for 57 goals in an 82 game season. In celebration of the four goals by ex-Flyers, here’s a link to the freshly-updated Philly West page, with new graphics. The Kings jump to…

Post Kings/Wings: the good, the bad, and the points-blown

THE GOOD — Kings win, Wings lose, Preds lose. THE BAD — Ducks win. THE POINTS-BLOWN: Kings are 4th in the West in points-blown, and 5th in the official standings (the official standings are catching up to where I have had the Kings for about a week now). For sortable chart fun, click on the…

Kings rest, meanwhile: Sunday’s results

THE GOOD: Canucks lose, Coyotes lose, Avs half-lose. THE BAD: Wings win, Hawks win, Flames win, Ducks win. THE POINTS-BLOWN: with the Canucks losing, the Kings pull within 2 points-blown of 3rd in the West; 6 points-blown separate 3rd from 14th; no one is safe. Okay, the Hawks are probably safe from the Jackets, but that’s about…

2/23/13: the Good, the Bad, and the Points-Blown

THE GOOD: Kings win, Sharks, Avs and Preds lose, Coyotes half-lose. THE BAD: Blues, Wings, Stars, and Oilers win, Oilers give away loser point to Coyotes. SILVER LINING: Oilers don’t get a ROW for winning in a shoot-out. WHO CARES: Jackets win lose. Whatever. POINTS-BLOWN: Kings jump all the way to 5th in points-blown, and…

2/20/13 – The Good, the Bad, and the Points-Blown

Points-Blown standings updated. With last night’s 3-1 regulation (!) win over Edmonton, the Kings move up to 12th in the official standings… …and 9th in my points-blown standings. Note that, in the official standings, Nashville (4th place) is 8 points ahead of 14th place… …but in points-blown, they are only 2 points from 14th. Ten…

2/5/13 – Game Day Notes

The Kings are 14th in the conference in the official standings, 2 points ahead of last place Calgary. My points-blown standings have the Kings tied for 8th (8 points-blown), along with the Oilers and Flames. In points-blown, the Kings are one point behind 6th place Nashville and Detroit, and two behind 5th place Vancouver. The…