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Kings Take Game One, 4-2 (post-game bullets)

I keep thinking about W. P. Kinsella’s short-story, “The Last Pennant Before Armageddon.” The Cubs are on a historic hot streak,  about to win the World Series, and their manager is having a recurring nightmare that the Cubs win it all and then the world blows up. He believes it’s a premonition. And he has to decide whether he should throw the series to save the world, or win it all and let the world explode.

Darryl Sutter vs. Yogi Berra

I think the toughest part of winning, when you have four-out-of-seven (series), is the first game. Then the second game gets tougher. Then the third game gets tougher. Then the fourth game gets tougher. via Sutter postgame quotes (April 15) « LA Kings Insider. The first game is the toughest, until the second game? I’m…