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Dan Quayle, Kings Assistant GM?


First, Daniel Carcillo. Now, this rumor that Rob Blake will be replacing Ron Hextall as Asst. GM. It’s a two-for-Tuesday of Superdickery. Maybe this is Lombardi’s way of protecting himself, by hiring someone no one on Earth would ever think is ready to be an actual GM. Hextall could have replaced Lombardi if Lombardi ever…

LA Kings Draft History

Every player and pick in LA Kings draft history. Sort by draft position, round, goals, assists. Doughty, Hickey, Schenn, Quick, Brown, Kopitar (more)

10-17-2008: Quisp vs. Cristobal

From the “Inside the Kings” comments section, October 17, 2008, the day Kyle Quincey played his first game as a King, and his fourteenth career game. Commenter “Cristobal” is upset that I appear not to have a problem with Chris Chelios. cristobal said: Quisp – Chelios is ok and Blake isn’t? I don’t think so. Quisp…