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Darren Dreger (DarrenDreger) on Twitter

Tor, Philly, Minny and LA closing in on Ryane Clowe. SJ still trying to sign him. Makes sense. Ko, Mo, Fro, Bro, O’D, Jo, Dough, Sto — CLOWE. [I didn’t mention Mo(ulson), Bo(yle), Jo(nes), Ro(e), Lo(ktionov), Ho(lloway).] Also, Go(tee-ay). Naturally, this is why they want Ho(ssa). via Darren Dreger (DarrenDreger) on Twitter.  

From Working the Corners: Agent on trade rumors: ‘I think Doug tried to see the value for Ryane Clowe’

Just talked with Ryane Clowe’s Quebec-based agent, Paul Corbeil. He, too, had seen the TSN.ca reports from the NHL draft site saying Clowe was the subject of trade talks that Sharks GM Doug Wilson was having in Montreal with several teams, Toronto and Philadelphia among them. Corbeil, of course, knows that Clowe’s current contract expires…